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Forex 121 pattern

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Remember, to highlight Fibonacci levels we simply apply our Fibonacci tool to the XA leg. The completion of the CD leg into this Fibonacci zone gives us our entry location where we set longs, targeting a reversal higher again. So here you can see that we first identify a bearish price swing which gives us the XA leg. We then want to see a correction higher which gives us our AB leg and completes between the We then see a reversal lower from this point where price forms a new low below the XA leg giving us our BC leg.

The completion of the CD leg into this Fibonacci zone gives us our entry location to set shorts targeting a reversal lower. So, these are the measurements and parameters that we need to identify to correctly classify a structure as a pattern. Because the measurements are so precise and the structure is so simple it is really easy to identify these patterns when they appear and they can be used to gain entry to the market at key reversal points.

Ok, so you can see here that we have identified our bearish swing giving us our XA leg and then we have also seen a correction higher which gives us our AB leg and you can see that the AB leg completes between the Once we have identified this first part of the structure we can then anticipate that we are going to see a reversal lower to give us a new low beneath the initial XA low.

Once price breaks down below the XA low to give us our new low which will be the BC leg, we are then looking for price to correct higher and give us our CD leg. Remember, the whole point of this pattern is that we are looking to identify symmetry between the AB leg and the CD leg which are to be of equal lengths. To make sure that we have symmetry between these two legs we can draw in a line on our AB leg and clone it to apply it to the CD leg to make sure that it is the same length.

Once we have identified each part of the structure the final pattern will look like this. The completion of the CD leg is where we look to sell. When we sell at the CD leg there are two ways that we can look to play the pattern. The first is simply looking for a short-term reaction of the level and the second is looking for a trending move to develop.

So, when playing for the short-term reaction we can place Our stop above the next Fibonacci level from where we entered. We are then simply looking for price to react lower giving us a two to one return so essentially we just want to see price reverse back down to the When we are looking to trade the pattern for a trending move and stay in it for a longer term move we want to place our stop above the When trading the pattern in this manner the first area that we need to be aware of for trade management is a retest of the BC level low.

This is the level at which we can move our stop to breakeven, to protect against any adverse bounce which could see price return to our entry level. The AB leg of the pattern is equal to the CD leg. Furthermore, the BC is respecting the We have gone short at point D as the price breakout happened. In this example, we went for deeper targets. If the momentum of the prevailing trend is strong enough, going for a new lower low will be a good idea. The key to winning in trading is to follow the rules and think according to the market situation.

These Harmonic patterns require a lot of patience and effort to trade. So it is strongly recommended to master this pattern in a demo account than to trade it in a live market. This pattern is also known as a lightning bolt, as it looks like one. Follow the rules, no matter what, to make consistent profits from this pattern. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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The pattern can be used to analyse the markets and make trading decisions. It is particularly useful for helping traders enter trending markets. harmonic pattern is an advanced harmonic pattern in Forex which uses Fibonnaci ratios, market overview and trend to identify reversal or. Mar 6, - The pattern can be used to analyse the markets and make trading decisions. It is particularly useful for helping traders enter trending.