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Forex average volume indicator

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This indicator is displayed in the main picture, which saves the space of a picture indicator. Volume is highlighted to allow you to focus more on the above-average volume , and if it is greater than 4 times standard deviation it is marked as a huge volume in yellow.

There will be support and resistance at this level. There is a switch to show the turnover. The NDO is a volume-based indicator that indicates how many standard deviations the volume is away from the mean volume. In other words, this script is useful for detecting when the volume is abnormally large, spotting pumps and dumps, and movement of whales.

Green indicates that the volume is more than 3 standard devs away from the mean, yellow means its more Other Pinescripters, notably TraderLion, TAPlot and JohnMuchow have all published the same style of advanced volume indicators, however they are closed source and I wanted to provide one open source that can be used for further development. Fair Use: Please do not take my work and sell it under your own name.

This was created to benefit everyone - not one person. Feel free however to use it as part of whatever work you wish to sell of course i would applaud also giving ideas away for free - your choice though ; What it is: The Basis for this Indicator was the original Volume Oscillator.

I added Credits: Thank you "EvoCrypto" for granting me permission to use "Ranged Volume" to create this version of it. What is this and What does this do? This study shows the ranged volume, and it can be used to produce buy signals for a 3Commas bot. I added code so that negative volume has its own color settings and lower opacity Color bars based on price and volume. Volume can be set dollar denominated. Change can be set close to close. Volume can meet a threshold. This indicator, developed by Melvin E.

Dickover, calculates the difference between the volume and its simple moving average, but expressed as a ratio in standard deviations. The plotted bars become green when the volume is unusually large configurable. Description This indicator integrates the functionality of multiple volume price analysis algorithms whilst aligning their scales to fit in a single chart.

Having such indicators loaded enables traders to take advantage of potential divergences between the price action and volume related volatility. Users will have to enable or disable alternative algorithms Description This indicator is an entry-level script that simplifies volume interpretation for beginning traders.

It is a handy tool that removes all the noise and focuses traders on identifying potential smart money injections. Uniqueness This indicator is unique because it introduces the principle of a moving average in the context of volume and then Generally, Volume indicator shows total Volume of a candle.

In this Volume Strength Finder Indicator, I tried to separate Strength of buyers and sellers based on the candle stick pattern. Calculating Buyer and Seller Strength each and every candle of the day based on the pattern formation. This is an "indicator" that takes the candle's size and multiply it by the current volume, so now the candle size is affected by how much volume is being traded.

Here we assume that the volume traded is essential, and now it kinda have a weight on how the price acts. So "dead-volume" areas will be almost inexpressive in the chart, while the areas with huge volume If you just change this to "TimeZones. EasternStandardTime" it gives the same results from what I can see comparing it to the picture. You can also influence it by changing the line:. Doh, when I said "it is considering the start of the day and therefore when to reset and start calculating the values as CET", I meant to say "UTC".

Anyhow I've reuploaded it now and it defaults to EST which is probably more normal, but set it how you want. I'm working on a cBot using this indicator and getting quite positive results already in backtesting. I'll probably upload it here when I've fettled with it a bit more. Not VWAP.. This indicator needs to be redone to calculate the whole forexsession, starting from Sydney open to NY close, that is why it shows different then for example Trading View and MT4.

Hi, thanks for this indicator, only one issue, the indicator does keep current. Parameters deserve some explanation: One day only? I would suggest using this setting if you are using this indicator in a cbot because performance speed will be improved in backtesting and optimisation.

Default: false. When set to false you will see the VWAP day by day. The calculation resets each day. Default: 0. If you set a value other than 0 for this parameter it completely overrides the day or 'day by day' calculation and calculates the VWAP on a rolling basis for the the number of periods you choose.

If you believe there is copyrighted material in this section you may use the Copyright Infringement Notification form to submit a claim. API; using cAlgo. Internals; using cAlgo.

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The best volume indicator used to read a volume in the Forex market is the. Popular volume indicators include three mentioned above—on-balance volume (OBV), Chaikin Money Flow, and Klinger oscillator—as well as the volume price trend. Can anyone point me in the direction of an Average volume indicator. for example, I might like to have an indication of what is the average.