pension funds investing in alternative assets smu
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Pension funds investing in alternative assets smu set index label mt4 forex

Pension funds investing in alternative assets smu

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This course will deal with the structure and function of Canadian financial institutions such as: banks, brokers and investment banks, insurance companies and mutual funds. The role of each type of institution in the economy will be discussed as well as regulation of the industry. The main emphasis of the course will be on the institutions as businesses; their profit and risk structure. This course will provide students with exposure to the use of various software packages in analyzing and tracking investment decisions.

Emphasis will be on the gathering of financial and economic data, analysis of data in making investment decisions, and tracking and analyzing investment performance. In addition to common tools such as spreadsheets, the course will make use of state-of-the art software currently used in the financial services industry.

The purpose of this course is to provide a broad overview of the various financial instruments available and their role within investment strategies, as well as to examine current trends in the global capital markets. While some time will be allocated to the traditional asset classes equities, bonds , the emphasis of the course is on the non-traditional, or alternative, assets classes that have recently been developed or gained popularity, such as mortgages backed securities and other fixed income securities, the myriad forms of swaps, other derivatives, real estate, private equity, etc.

The emphasis is on the structure of these instruments and their risk-return characteristics. The usual context will be that of a large institutional investor such as a pension plan, insurance company or hedge fund. Also the linkages amongst the various markets in a global context will be discussed. This course is divided into three major parts. The first part provides a basic understanding of the forces that determine the relative values of currencies in the foreign exchange markets.

Parts two and three focus on the firm with the financing of international operations and capital budgeting decisions. This course deals with selected topics in finance. It is offered when in sufficient demand, and specific topics covered may vary depending on the interests of students and instructor. Student groups receive a project proposal outlining the requirements, information needs and services they will provide the client during the semester.

Projects generally take the form of a business plan, market study, or other business-related function and often involve financial projections. Each project provides students an opportunity to use skills learned in business courses and to understand the interrelationship between marketing, accounting, finance, and management in a practical business setting.

Work groups often include students from different disciplines and are assigned based upon the needs of the project. Groups schedule their preferred meeting times but are required to meet a minimum of three hours each week. Internship 1 semester. This is an introductory course in applied investment management. Students who are admitted to the program will undertake a comprehensive economic analysis of the Canadian economy and use this to generate top-down portfolio allocation decisions.

In addition, students will learn how to generate financial research reports using state-of-the-art financial tools. Emphasis will be placed on generating, interpreting and applying comparative company analysis reports. This is an advanced course in applied investment management. Students who are admitted to this program will be responsible for making portfolio allocation decisions for the fund.

Students will use comparable company analysis in conjunction with more advanced financial models, such as cash flow and real options models, in making bottom-up active portfolio management decisions. FINA — Directed Study 3 credit hours Prerequisite: COMM and permission of Chairperson Intended to supplement or provide an alternative to the regular finance courses in order to meet the special needs and interests of students, the course provides an opportunity to study a particular subject in detail and requires from the student some measure of independence and initiative.

Prior to undertaking registration for this course, students must have a detailed course proposal approved by the appropriate instructor. Proof of this approval must be submitted at the time of registration for the course.

Factors such as GPA, campus involvement, internships and work ethic are taken into consideration by Maxwell and his colleagues in the selection process. The average GPA of the new Alts class is a 3. Students put their knowledge to work and take on assignments that analysts complete in the real world, like Harvard Business School case studies and fairness opinions.

Students must earn at least an A- in the spring to be invited to take second semester of the course. Maxwell takes a tough-love approach to teaching the Alts students. Once students make it through the interviews and are selected to participate in Alts, they are given the renowned white hat. While white hats with the mustang logo can be purchased by anyone, only Alts students have a hat with the Cox logo on one side and the Alternative Assets title on the other.

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Alternative investments: Beyond fixed income and equities

The largest growth and asset allocation impact will probably be in alternative investments. Some sovereign wealth funds have large exposures to alternatives. Collective investments for pension savings: Lessons from have selected as an alternative to leaving their savings in CPF accounts earning default. The alternative asset class will include Real Estate, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Commodity Investments, Hedge Funds, Managed Futures.