molle ii flc vest setup
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Molle ii flc vest setup plus $100 forex managed accounts

Molle ii flc vest setup

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I put all critical gear therefore on my left for quick access, and all secondary gear on my right, which assumes I'm not handling my rifle if I'm going there. So this is what I did: 1 Create a list of what is most important for you to access. Most likely at the top of your list is your radio. For me, since I was on a 12 man team away from friendly units, accessing my rifle was still important, so I put my radio where I can most easily access it with my left hand.

Not only was my PTT there, but handling the radio itself is important for changing frequencies and troubleshooting. This anchors the rest of the gear. So this was placed at the next most convenient place my left hand could access I used one of my mag pouches. I have no issue maintaining control of my rifle with my right hand and operating my radio or GPS with my left, so this worked well for me.

If you are not as good with your left hand then you can put those on your right side, but then the rifle can get in the way. More notes at the bottom regarding the GPS. It gave me the flexibility to put in there what I needed for any particular mission when necessary.

This wasn't for something that I needed to access in an emergency, but became very handy for note taking on objectives, storing of frequencies, etc. I used the MOLLE 90 degree converter to angle certain things like my pistol mag and flaghlight to make it easily accessible by my left hand while retaining control of whatever I wanted in my right hand. Some people thought this looked strange, and perhaps it does, but in 3 years of use nothing ever fell out once, and by the end of my deployment, half my team was running it this way.

Don't let how things superficially look affect functional decisions. I had my pistol and knife in my drop holster. Next was was my first aid kit mirror position of the radio , which I custom built and made easily accessible. I could also access chem lights, which I actually had on my upper left arm IR lights can also be used for identification.

Behind my first aid kit was a redundant radio, which I couldn't easily access, but was on and operating. I usually had this on a different frequency so I could monitor two channels at once air assets, conventional units, etc. However, it is 12 year old technology. It calculates your position way too slowly, loses signal way too easily, and gives you no map awareness. There is no reason these days why your GPS shouldn't have a map pre-loaded on it really ever since , but you kind of had to hack it then.

There is no part of the world where you cannot easily pre-load a map. I did this nearly a decade ago, and technology today is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was back then. You don't need a cell signal to operate the GPS in your phone, you just need to download the maps through an app.

Just download the maps, put your phone in airplane mode, and go. There are benefits to a Garmin though, such as its use of AA batteries and general battery life. You should look at units like the Garmin Montana. Make sure to always use Lithium batteries when in the field, as they last way longer than alkaline, and never use AA alkaline batteries issued to you by the military if you can help it they have a terrible battery life.

Also, I see you have the schoolhouse canteens on your gear. I definitely recommend just going to a hydration bladder on your back. The canteen space is far too valuable, and it's way too distracting to actually open those canteens nothing should take two hands to do. I'm sure you know this, but just highlighting it.

Also, a good lightweight hydration pack can serve many other purposes. Get the Camelbak military style nozzle switch and cover to avoid losing unnecessary water. Lastly, on my combat belt I also had additional rifle mags, pistol mags, and a survival kit. This is probably more of an ODA thing in case you become separated from your main gear, which should not be a concern for an infantry company. The combat belt was a 2nd tier supply system 1st tier being my full battle rattle.

I also had a 3rd tier of light weight equipment on my direct uniform such as in pocket or sewn in. Vote up. Vote down. Wondering how much water and how many mags you typically carried and about how much the outfit pictured weighed. I have also seen very large packs being carried by troops and wonder how they could move and maneuver if they came under attack. For some reason it looks like your entire piece did not open up. There was no 'see more' tag after 'and so on'.

Capt Tom Brown - We're working on that bug. For now, please try to open in a different browser and see if that fixes the link issue. Well, when it comes to gear setups, I take myself very seriously. Having been a US Marine, I know that how you pack will directly affect how well you live in the field. As it has been said.

I'm a former US Marine, full-time father and husband, and part-time survivalist. I like old things, like music, furniture and time-tested survival technique, but there's always a place in my heart for new technology such as weapons and sleeping bag fill. I'm here to share my knowledge and experience, and I hope you'll share yours as well. I need a huge pack to hold gear and weight but not 10 lbs in a backpack like IBLE witch is awesome just to heavy.

Scott — any 72 hour bag would do just fine. My favorites are the Rush 72 and Ghost. I would like to have the mag pouches on the vest. Ok i do have another question? Would you wear the plate carrer under the vest? You may end up needing to roll with a molle belt like this one.

Then, your options for mag pouches will be a plenty. Like these. Most plate carriers are meant to be in place of a vest. Take a look at the carriers, they are set up really nice with PALS webbing throughout. So, my LBV went over top of the flak. What is the recommendation for carrier with 7.

As far as the packs are concerned what is a decent size molle pack that would allow me to fit a larger laptop to work?? Mike, good to see that other Marines pack the same way I do, hum must be sometime instilled in us during training. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Most important carry This is a concept which I think is most overlooked when rigging any type of gear.

Natural Disaster I suggest a first aid set up here. Tweet out to me so that others can benefit from your question too! Tweet to SurvivalBloke. You may also like Meet the Author Mike militarybackpackguide. Follow me Sscott Jan 27, , am. Reply Link. Mike Jan 27, , pm. Kevin Collins Feb 4, , pm.

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MOLLE II Rifleman Set - OD Green

FLC Configuration. Rifleman. three double 30 round magazine pockets; two fragmentation grenade pockets; two M4 three magazine side x side pouch was added. This is a USGI ACU Molle 2 FLC Vest w/ 9 Pouch Rifleman Configuration. The vest features a zipper-front, large US symbol on right shoulder and many attachment. The official US Army MOLLE FLC II, genuine surplus. Essentially a modern light combat vest with as much carrying capacity as can be crammed in. Used issue kit.