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Gold future value financial crisis 2018

Gold future value

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Gold struggles to keep lustre as dollar rallies Gold price forecast for and beyond: Should you buy or sell the precious metal? Gold price forecast for and beyond: Will the dollar keep it down? Share this article Tweet Share Post. In this article: Gold Gold Tags Gold.

Have a confidential tip for our reporters? Get In Touch. In the s, inflation and gold prices kept rising in the first part of a recession, hitting records, but once inflation started to fall the gold price also declined. GME Swap Short:. Trade now. AAPL GOOG TSLA The next downside objective is Some caution pressing the downside is warranted with the RSI under The next area of resistance is around What is your sentiment on Gold?

Vote to see Traders sentiment! Market sentiment: Bullish Bearish. You voted bullish. You voted bearish. Give Gold a try. Start trading. Try demo. A rise in short-term inflation and inflation expectations should drive down real yields. Is gold a good investment now? Will gold go up or down in ?

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Join the Better than category average. Category average. News and Analysis. Analysis Insights Explainers. Learn to trade. Viktor Prokopenya Why Capital. Contact support. Big professional traders invent the contractual terms of their futures trading on an ad-hoc basis and trade directly with each other.

Fortunately you would be spared the pain and the mathematics of detailed negotiations because you will almost certainly trade a standardized futures contract on a financial futures exchange. In a standardized contract the exchange itself decides the settlement date, the contract amount, the delivery conditions etc.

You can make up the size of your overall investment buy buying several of these standard contracts. Note that gold futures are dated instruments which cease trading before their declared settlement date. At the time trading stops most private traders will have sold their longs or bought back their shorts.

There will be a few left who deliberately run the contract to settlement - and actually want to make or take delivery of the whole amount of gold they bought. On a successful financial futures exchange those running the contract to settlement will be a small minority.

The majority will be speculators looking to profit from price moves, without any expectation of getting involved on bullion settlements. The suspension of dealing a few days before settlement day allows the positions to be sorted out and reconciled such that the people still holding the 'longs' can arrange to pay in full and the people holding the 'shorts' can arrange supply of the full amount of the gold sold.

Some futures brokers refuse to run customer positions to settlement. Lacking the facilities to handle good delivery gold bullion they will require their investors to close out their positions, and - should they want to retain their position in gold - re-invest in a new futures contract for the next available standardised settlement date.

These rollovers are expensive. As a rule of thumb if your gold position is likely to be held for more than three months i. To deal gold futures you need to find yourself a futures broker. The futures broker will be a member of a futures exchange. The broker will manage your relationship with the market, and contact you on behalf of the central clearer to - for example - collect margin from you.

Your broker will require you to sign a detailed document explaining that you accept the significant risks of futures trading. Account set-up will take a few days, as the broker checks out your identity and creditworthiness. It sometimes appears to unsophisticated investors and to futures salesmen that buying gold futures saves you the cost of financing a gold purchase, because you only have to fund the margin - not the whole purchase.

This is not true. It is vital you understand the mechanics of futures price calculations, because if you don't it will forever be a mystery for you where your money goes. The spot gold price is the gold price for immediate settlement.

It is the reference price for gold all over the world. A gold futures contract will almost always be priced at a different level to spot gold. The differential closely tracks the cost of financing the equivalent purchase in the spot market. Because both gold and cash can be lent and borrowed the relationship between the futures and the spot price is a simple arithmetical one which can be understood as follows:. If I didn't pay this extra the seller would just sell his gold for dollars now, and deposit the dollars himself, keeping an extra 0.

Clearly this 0. You will notice that so long as dollar interest rates are higher than gold lease rates then - because of this arithmetic - the futures price will be above the spot price. There's a special word for this which is that the futures are in 'contango'. What it means is that a futures trade is always in a steady uphill struggle to profit. For you to profit the underlying gold commodity must rise at a rate faster than the contango falls to zero - which will be at the expiry of the future.

Note: If dollar interest rates drop below the gold lease rates the futures price will be below the spot price. Then the market is said to be in 'backwardation'. Many futures broking firms offer investors a stop loss facility. It might come in a guaranteed form or on a 'best endeavours' basis without the guarantee. The idea is to attempt to limit the damage of a trading position which is going bad.

The theory of a stop loss seems reasonable, but the practice can be painful. The problem is that just as trading in this way can prevent a big loss it can also make the investor susceptible to large numbers of smaller and unnecessary losses which are even more damaging in the long term. On a quiet day market professionals will start to move their prices just to create a little action. It works. The trader marks his price rapidly lower, for no good reason. If there are any stop losses out there this forces a broker to react to the moving price by closing off his investor's position under a stop loss agreement.

In other words the trader's markdown can force out a seller. The opportunist trader therefore picks up stop loss stock for a cheap price and immediately marks the price up to try and 'touch off' another stop loss on the buy side as well. If it works well he can simulate volatility on an otherwise dull day, and panic the stop losses out of the market on both sides, netting a tidy profit for himself.

It should be noted that the broker gets commission too, and what's more the broker benefits by being able to control his risk better if he can shut down customers' problem positions unilaterally. Brokers in general would prefer to stop loss than to be open on risk for a margin call for 24 hours. Only the investor loses, and by the time he knows about his 'stopped loss' the market - as often as not - is back to the safe middle ground and his money is gone.

Without wishing to slur anyone in particular the stop-loss is even more dangerous in an integrated house - where a broker can benefit himself and his in-house dealer by providing information about levels where stop-losses could be triggered. This is not to say anyone is doing it, but it would probably be the first time in history that such a conflict of interest did not attract a couple of unscrupulous individuals somewhere within the industry.

Investors can prevent being stopped out by resisting the temptation to have too big a position just because the futures market lets them. If the investment amount is lower and plenty of surplus margin cover is down, a stop loss is unnecessary and the broker's pressure to enter a stop loss order can be resisted. A conservative investment strategy with smaller positions achieves the goal of avoiding catastrophic losses by not keeping all eggs in one basket.

It also avoids being steadily stripped by stop loss executions. On the flip side you cannot get rich quickly with a conservative investment strategy but then the chances of that were pretty small anyway. As a futures contract ends - usually every quarter - an investor who wants to keep the position open must re-contract in the new period by 'rolling-over'. Having taken the relatively difficult step of taking a position in gold futures investors are required to make repeated decisions to spend money.

The harsh fact of life is that if investors are being whip-lashed by the regular volatility which appears at the death of a futures contract many of them will cut their losses. Alternatively they might attempt to trade cleverly into the next period, or decide to take a breather from the action for a few days 'though days frequently turn into weeks and months. Unfortunately every quarter lots of investors will fail the psychological examination and close their position.

Many will not return. The futures markets tend to expel people at the time of maximum personal disadvantage. Each quarter a futures investor receives an inevitable call from the broker who offers to roll the customer into the new futures period for a special reduced rate. To those who do not know the short term money rates and the relevant gold lease rates - or how to convert them into the correct differential for the two contracts - the price is fairly arbitrary and not always very competitive.

It can be checked - but only at some effort. Suppose that gold can be borrowed for 0. The fair value for the next quarter's future should be 90 days times the daily interest differential of 0. So you would expect to see the next future at a premium of 0. This is where you pay the financing cost on the whole size of your deal.

Beware of this imbalance. The big players can apply pressure at the close of a futures contract, and the small private player can do little about it. This does not happen to bullion owners. In normal markets a falling price encourages buyers who pressure the price up, and a rising price encourages sellers who pressure the price down.

This is relatively stable. In other words a rapidly falling market can force selling, which further depresses the price, while a rapidly rising price forces buying which further raises the price, and either scenario has the potential to produce a runaway spiral. This is manageable for extremely long periods of time, but it is an inherent danger of the futures set-up.

It was virtually the same phenomenon which was paralleled in by brokers loans. The forced selling which these encouraged as markets started to fall was at the heart of the subsequent financial disaster. In benign times this structure merely encourages volatility. In less benign times it can lead to structural failure. Gold is bought as the ultimate defensive investment. Many people buying gold hope to make large profits from a global economic shock which might be disastrous to many other people.

Indeed many gold investors fear financial meltdown occurring as a result of the over-extended global credit base - a significant part of which is derivatives.

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The World Bank predicts the price of gold to decrease to $1,/oz in from an average of $1,/oz in In the next 10 years, the gold price is expected to decrease to. Summary: What Is The Future Of The Gold ; , $4, ; , $4, ; , $5, ; , $8, Gold futures vs.​​ Trades equivalent of 27 million ounces/day - 30x SPDR Gold ETF at million ounces/day. With GC futures, pay no management fees vs. an ETF.