forex radio what is the frequency
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Forex radio what is the frequency

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Currency exchange market formed in the s when the financial world passed from the gold standard to free currency pricing. The market works on the basis of free conversion of currencies without state interference and guarantees freedom of such transactions.

At the same time, there is a number of rules and restrictions regulating relationship between traders and brokers. Sometimes one might hear Forex called monetary exchange; however, this is wrong. Forex is an international non-stock exchange without a particular place for trading. One can trade via the Internet or using a telephone. Market players can make currency transaction from any spot on the globe.

So long that Forex is a non-stock exchange, transactions may go without registration. Though Forex players do not have to worry about the place of trading, their work still depends greatly on trading hours which vary in different parts of the world: in Asia-Pacific, in Europe and in North America. Data shows that the daily turnover of Forex was 1. Part of this volume is provided by margin trading which implies contracting for sums substantially bigger than the actual capital of one transactor.

Regardless of nature and the purposes of transactions, a large daily turnover guarantees high liquidity of the market. The international exchange market Forex is of one of the most numerous types of financial markets existing at present. At the same time it is one of the largest markets.

As other markets do, it attracts traders and investors offering them an opportunity to make a profit on the difference in exchange rates or just to exchange one currency for another. Every person making an exchange operation via a mobile bank application automatically becomes part of the scheme which connects the participants through various information systems and gives them access to currency exchange operations Monday to Friday 24 hours a day.

To become a Forex player and get an opportunity to make a profit on the difference in exchange rates, one has to open a trading account in a company providing such services. Then one has just to replenish their account and start trading.

It is worth remembering that successful trading requires some experience and certain knowledge of chart analysis. However, almost any person can integrate rather easily into trader community. When buying or selling currencies a trader does not need to have a deposit covering the price of the whole contract. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to earn a substantial profit with a modest sum on the account; on the other hand, risks grow accordingly. Thus, the risks are to be thoroughly studied and controlled.

Volatility means any changes in the price of an instrument. Forex is a market of high volatility. The truth is that traders can equally make a profit out of rises and out of falls of currencies. That is why high volatility together with leverage provides an excellent opportunity for earning money. However, risks are to be taken into account. As mentioned above, Forex functions Monday through Friday 24 hours a day.

There are always sellers and buyers on the market. One may use aggressive American sessions with crazy volatility as well as quiet Asian sessions with minimal changes of rates. Market analysis can be performed in the morning as well as in the evening; positions can be opened any time in order to make a profit on currency volatility.

This is a great advantage compared to stock market which allows trading only during their trading sessions. Market players can get full information about the market from any source. Important news influencing exchange rates are announced at dates and times known in advance. The market reacts, and traders answer to its movements. In other words, before the announcement of certain news for example, unemployment rates no one can tell what follows and how the market will react upon an expected event; before something happens everyone operates the same amount of data.

The goods of an exchange market is money. It is considered to be goods of high liquidity which means one can easily exchange one currency for another at any moment. Low liquidity is typical of, say, real estate: an apartment can be sold quickly only if the seller requires a price substantially lower than the market price. In our case a trader can always open a position on Forex at current rates and easily close it, because the exchange market is so vast one can find a buyer or a seller at any moment.

It only takes a split second. Thus, Forex is rather different from other markets. It allows for a quick access to trading and work from any spot on the globe at any time convenient. Using a leverage trader can make a transaction for a sum significantly bigger than the sum on their account. Exchange rates are changing constantly which provides another opportunity for making a profit. High liquidity allows for fast opening and closing of positions virtually at any moment.

International inter-bank market Forex is a non-stock trading platform. In other words, the platform does not exist physically. All operations take place on the Net. Presently, major Forex players are national Central banks of different countries.

Central banks of other countries also influence the volatility of currencies, their aim being prevention of steep surges in prices. Commercial banks are also present on Forex. They can hardly influence monetary and credit policy of major players; however, they significantly enhance the liquidity on the market. Commercial banks make speculative influence, constantly manipulating exchange rates in order to make a profit and making lots of transactions. Commercial banks make profit out of spread which is the difference between buying and selling rates.

Apart from banks, other Forex players are brokers , broker companies and dealing services which contribute a lot to currency price formation as agents. What is more, they give access to the inter-bank market to individual traders and investors; trading via broker and dealing companies, individuals make the largest part of transactions on the market.

Yet another group of Forex players is comprised of funds : insurance, pensions and hedge funds. They make the largest, sometimes rather aggressive transactions on the market. Their goal is nothing else but to make a profit out of the difference in exchange rates. The next group of market players consists of importer and exporter companies ; as a rule, they have no direct access to the market, making transactions through commercial banks.

They do not aim at speculating on Forex, rather, they buy and sell currencies required for their main business. By trading instruments we normally mean financial assets one can trade in order to make a profit. Forex features a great variety of trading instruments, including major currency pairs and cross rates. They are arranged in a number of groups. Among such instruments, most currencies are traded against the US dollar, which virtually guarantees excellent liquidity and volatility of any pair.

Major currency pairs have become so popular among players because they help figure out the dynamics of prices and make a profit out of it. These assets facilitate trading currencies of the 7 leading countries of the world avoiding USD. Such instruments have been created in order to provide for direct payments between the countries and enhance their relations. Pairs from this group also show good volatility and liquidity as well as acceptable spreads and attract a lot of traders.

Any pair in the group has particularities that let traders make a stable profit. The fourth group consists of precious metals. The most popular ones traded via USD are gold and silver. Medium frequency was one of the most popular frequency bands since the beginning of wireless radio transmission in the early nineteenth century. Design of transmitters, receivers and antenna are relatively less complex than other high frequency transmission bands. MF has been widely using in AM radio transmission, navigation systems for ships and aircraft, emergency distress signals, cost guards and other experimental applications.

High frequency signals ranges between 3 MHz and 30 Mhz. This frequency band is also known as short wave. High frequency band is mostly used by aviation industry, near field communication NFC , government systems, amateur radio operators and weather broadcasting stations. Very high frequency is one of the most commonly used bands which has an operating range from 30 MHz to MHz.

VHF frequency is widely used in analog TV broadcasting since it has started few decades back. Air traffic controllers and airline pilots using frequency between MHz to MHz to communicate. Another uses includes private and business radio station, medical equipment magnetic resonance imaging , amateur radio and military applications. It usually affected by big terrains but suitable for short distance communication. Ultra high frequency is the most important frequency bands for modern wireless communication systems.

It begins from MHz to 3 GHz and extremely complicated to design and implement the system. It has many sub frequency bands, some are restricted and assigned only for particular applications. Super high frequency is in the range of 3 GHz to 30 GHz.

It can only operate in line of sight path since any obstruction in between the transmitter and receiving station will break the communication. It is commonly used in point to point communication, satellite systems, digital TV broadcasting in Ku band DTH service — direct to home , Wi-Fi 5GHz channel , microwave ovens and mobile networks.

Waveguides are suitable between transmitter and antenna due to higher losses of usual RF cables. System design is extremely hard in SHF band due to its smaller wavelength and complexity. EHF is only used in advanced communication systems due to its complex nature and line of sight requirement. EHF is used in radio astronomy and remote sensing weather analysis.

It is suggested to use for high speed internet systems like 5G technology for future transmission networks due to large bandwidth availability. Find more about Applications of Millimeter Waves. RF is a broad spectrum and many of its characteristic has not been experimented yet. It has lot of possibilities in medical applications like MRI technology even up to 12 Tesla for medical research , seismography and oceanic studies.

RF transceivers are significant components in interplanetary missions such as Mars exploration mission. Our future digital communication systems may rely on high frequency bands of RF spectrum since it can support higher bandwidth.