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Grandfather forex

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You will just have to take the cost of the DDR4 upgrade at some point. Right now DDR4 is expensive but it has been expensive for many months now. The 32GB version is substantially more expensive and not worth it. I'd recommend that ram for Intel as well, it is the best. I am using it myself. Joined Dec 6, Messages 10, 1. Given the price of RAM, I would try to re-use it assuming it's good stuff. That said, you'd probably be looking at a used motherboard.

Me, I'd go with 4xxx series Haswell Refresh or newer. Shopping for new, you'll get the best and yes, DDR4 is faster. Joined Nov 22, Messages 28, 4. I noticed an improvement coming from a K so I would imagine going from an would be something! I don't think you need 12 threads or hyperthreading.

Or I would wait until the new gen comes out, New ryzen will be faster and the security fixes for Intel may change everything. Sasqui said:. Given the price of RAM, I would try to re-use it. I did read it. And he said "if", silly. Read the OP. He said he is looking to step into DDR3 came out over a decade ago. I am trying to move him forward, you are trying to hold him back. Joined Oct 17, Messages 9, 2. It's still a very capable CPU ,six years is not by any stretch an old system ,just an older system.

It's simple if your activities are held back by the PC whether it's two years or 20 then you should upgrade ,if it doesnt, then there's no need to. Personally I try to upgrade every 3 to 6 years. And if you do upgrade ,don't skimp and try to make your DDR3 work for the new build ,just buy some new ram, or wait and see if prices drop.

You're an odd duck for sure. Fif23 - knowing your budget would help too. Joined Mar 10, Messages 10, 2. I have onboard bluetooth on my Z Taichi. I have only ever tried to pair my PS3 controller and that didn't work though, probably as much to do with the drivers for the controller as anything, it does work with a usb cable.

Vario said:. Last edited: Mar 14, Joined Mar 11, Messages 1, 0. Q is grandpa. FX is more like 35 year old dad. Unless you're gaming at high hz, you won't see any improvement by upgrading, except for in heavily threaded applications. Joined Feb 13, Messages 30 0. If you aren't gaming or encoding video, I would see no reason to go Ryzen yet.

I really do want to go Ryzen 2 if I can put back some money though. It just the price for PC parts is just too damn high right now. Your rig is almost identical to mine and I know what you mean about the mindset of it getting old though. It turns out that a serious threat to your business lurks behind that gesture of goodwill. Grandfather pricing lets existing customers continue paying the same price for a product while you change pricing for new customers. Grandfathering kneecaps the expansion revenue you desperately need to grow and crushes your relationships with your customers.

It remains one of the most pervasive yet least effective practices in today's subscription economy. This comes at a serious cost not only to your bottom line but to the way your customers perceive your product. When we combed through our data on thousands of subscription companies, we noticed a fascinating trend: grandfathered customers are actually more likely to churn than those on regular plans.

This might seem counterintuitive, but it makes perfect sense. The more you charge, the more likely your customers are to stay engaged with your product. We all know that the specter of raising prices is enough to send some founders running. Grandfathering is more of an avoidance tactic than a friendly gesture.

We justify our fear of talking pricing with our existing customers with a litany of excuses:. Your earliest customers were the first people outside of your team to buy into your dream. They deserve to be celebrated and given exceptional customer support.

For your business to succeed, you need to continually drive growth. When we talk to companies, this is the single biggest excuse behind the reluctance to raise prices. On its face, it makes sense: no one likes paying more for the same product. Luckily, you're not asking anyone to do that.