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Forex holiday schedule strategies for working in forex

Forex holiday schedule

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Memorial Day is not Veterans Day, as veterans day is for all the living and dead veterans of the US military team, while Memorial day is for all the people who died serving the nation. People start to wear white garments and white shoes from this Day till Labor Day. Republic day commemorates the institutional referendum.

Italians were called to select the Government form republic or monarchy , which they wanted after the 2nd world war finishes succeeding the fascism fall. Italian people got their Republic after surfacing 85 years of stiff monarchy, and hence this day is of great importance to the nation and its people. It is alternatively also called the late May bank holiday.

As this falls during spring, the people have a pleasant off from their schools and workplace. Many people make a short vacation or trip. But still, in many parts of the United Kingdom, various customs are associated with this day.

The Ancient Britons and Romans started this tradition. Previously the cheeses were rolled on the hills, and people used to chase them, but since this was dangerous, the cheese is rolled down these days but not chased. In Endon, the village girls get dressed well and participate in the crowning competition, while the boys compete in the Toss the Sheaf race. Local festivals, Morris dances, and boating are the other activities that mark this day.

This day is for the special honoring of the queen for her 60 years of reign. Celebrations worldwide mark the day, and the events will have a special medal commissioned, a wide competition for the towns so that they can bid to get the city status. The Greenwich being granted the Royal borough status. Many events are conducted in Buckingham Palace. Corpus Christi, represents a Western Catholic feast held every year on the second Thursday after Pentecost in Germany.

It is a very significant day at the Catholic Church, and the Eucharist is honored on this day. This sacred day is marked by the parades that take place all across the country to get the Blessed Sacrament. Even the Anglo-catholic Parishes celebrate this feast of Corpus Christi. On this day, Catholics and some of the Protestants attend the special church services, where exceptional attention is paid to the Sacrament blessing.

This sacrament consists of the traditional bread and wafer, which represents the body of Jesus. At some of the places, this Blessed Sacrament gets paraded on the streets after the church service. Small villages celebrate this feast by having a colorful celebration. Since , it is traditional to have the ship procession on the Rhine banks, which has continued until now.

Even though the origin of this feast is not certain, people believe that a thief will not be allowed to pass through the river, as some unforeseen force will restrain him from crossing; this force is said to be the form of God, which is punishing the thief for the sins.

This public holiday is also special as it marks the opening of the Australia winter snow sporting. Western Australians celebrate this on the 1st Monday of June. Ever since , this day is being celebrated in Australia. In South Australia, this day is called Volunteers day. Since Australia is one of the Commonwealth members and is a constitutional monarchy, this day is a public holiday.

All the Australians have a day off from their schools and offices and enjoy some sporting events and weekend trips. Many of the areas start the famous sporting events like the Melbourne cricket on this day. This day is the weekend opening of the snow season too.

Fireworks and various displays are also some interesting things that people enjoy, especially on this occasion. Dragon Boats Festival will be held on Friday, Jun 3, The Tuen Ng or the Dragon boat festival in Hong Kong is celebrated during the 5th day in the 5th lunar month.

This traditional and ancient festival of the Chinese is one of the Worlds boat carnivals. Thousands and thousands of revelers and spectators grace this stunning experience at Victoria Harbor. It is a colorful and boisterous feast with many clubs and countries actively participating in the weeklong event. The legendary boat races like the Hong Kong International boat race and the Lee Kum Kee championships are a part of this feast. This day is for serious boating action, and the whole ambiance in Hong Kong covers food, beers, and music.

Since this is a serious sporting event, all the participants practice for these days ahead and prepare to meet the stiff competition. The biggest race is normally held at the Stanley and Yau Ma Tei. This carnival also attracts many tourists and spectators from all across the globe for shopping and to witness the greatest and international Dragon boat race.

All the event contestants have great fun and joy as they get dressed up in their team uniforms and get into the water race. Canada Day is a federal statutory holiday for Canadians on July 1st. Next Canada day will be on Friday, July 1. In case the Day falls on a Sunday, the succeeding day is considered and declared a holiday. Canada day commemorates the anniversary of the Constitution Act, which consolidated three territories into the single nation of Canada, way back in This was previously known as Dominion Day.

The day is of traditional, cultural, and national importance for Canadians. There are citizenship ceremonies too for the new citizens of Canada. In Quebec, the parks are mounted with small events. The Municipal Government holds a range of events like carnivals, pancake breakfast, and concerts in their respective areas.

The Canadians can be seen with painted white and red faces symbolically their national flag. It is an exuberant time in Ottawa. In Quebec, this day is also referred to as the Moving day, and hence many people can be seen moving their possessions from a place to the other as a traditional practice. It is a memorial day for the province of Labrador and Newfoundland, as this day is commemorated for the huge loss of lives of the Newfoundland regiments who died during the 1st world war.

Half mast flags with commemorating services are held at the war memorials. This day is a great day for the people, and they organize the customary fireworks display in the evenings. Various political rallies and demos are conducted to demand universal suffrage. Independence Day observed the United States federal holiday in honor of the Declaration of Independence. It is held on the 4th of July because it commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, If the 4th of July falls on a Sunday, the immediate day will be celebrated as Independence Day.

All the buildings and homes in the American country can be seen with hoisted flags. Since it is a day of celebration, the people visit their family, friends, and relatives and have a great time together apart from the barbecues and picnics. Various games like the hotdog, watermelon eating competitions will be conducted in the country. Sporting events like the 3 legged race, swimming, baseball, and tug of war are few games traditionally conducted on this day. Americans enjoy the fireworks on the streets, mainly at the Washington Monument, followed by some patriotic songs.

The television will broadcast the best impressive fireworks. On this patriotic day, many politicians will appear at public meetings and support their heritage, history, and people. The main aspect on this day is that the people will express their thanks for their liberties and freedom struggled by the 1st generation of the present Americans. All the schools and Government offices will remain closed on this day.

Family reunions, parades, and concerts are a few other celebrations that are associated with the day. Bastille Day or National day represents the French holiday and the anniversary of the fall on July 14, , of the Bastille, symbol of the French Revolution. Bastille Day is so named for the English-speaking countries and is celebrated on July 14th. This day was formally called the La Fete Nationale.

The day begins with the traditional military parade with the cadets from many troops. There are many motorized troops, aircraft aerobatics, and other interesting shows today in different countries. The French allies are also called traditionally on this day for the parade, which will then be followed by the march past of the British Royal marines. Large-scale public activities, including communal meals, parties, fireworks, and dances, are a few of the embarked events.

In Paris, the day begins with a large parade; all the French navy, French foreign legions, military cadets will participate in this parade. The spectacular Fire brigade completes the parade, flying the military aircraft all over the parade route.

The President then begins the parade by reviewing the troops while the other people follow the line and route. The Eiffel tower can be seen with the national flag, and the people paint their faces with shapes and colors of their national flag.

Marine day is also referred to as Sea day or Ocean Day in Japan. This national holiday of the Japanese falls on Monday, July 3rd, every year. The chief purpose of this day is that it is thanksgiving day. Japanese take this opportunity to have a break from the summer weather and enjoy the beach trips. Other water-related and ocean-related activities are also observed during this day. This day of gratitude is mainly to bless the ocean for its abundant economic resources and expect the same economic prosperity in the days ahead.

Ever since , this day has become a national holiday for the Japanese. Before this, this day was not a holiday and was known as Marine Memorial Day. Various Fish shows and exhibitions will be organized during this phase, thereby drawing more visitors and spectators. The National day of Switzerland is August 1s and commemorates the day of the Founding of the Swiss Confederation in Switzerland was formed in by an alliance of cantons and Federal Constitution was presented in This is officially a national holiday since This day of independence is celebrated at the municipality and local level with nationwide events and activities.

Basel is known for its fireworks. This is a day mainly for the bank employees, and hence all the banks in Australia will be closed. In , the August bank holiday in Australia will be on August 1st. People have a day off and celebrate the weekend with family, friends, and relatives by visiting the Blue Mountains, relishing the fresh air, or going shopping.

All the beaches across the north coast are flooded with local and international tourists. Byron Bay is the most popular attraction. People visit the snowy mountains and ski fields and enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and other sporting activities. Few of the restaurants are also closed to give a day off to their employees. This is otherwise also known as the Provincial day or the Civic Monday or August holiday. Few other territories also term in various other local names. In it fell on August 6th, but in it is on August 5th.

Throughout the country, various events and celebrations are attributed to its history, culture, and achievement. Even though the celebrations are at a key level, various communities are customarily practicing them. The event may be preparing and distributing the birthday cake for their province, making communal meals, lunches, barbecues, and supper.

The country also conducts large events that consist of road races, fireworks, and various cultural festivals. All the business houses, schools, and other institutions remain closed on this day, and much of the transport services are also affected to some extent. For Yukon and Quebec, it is not a public holiday, however. The event was initially organized and held in For the second time, the combined school choir got introduced on the Float. The country held the National day parade and was attended by more than a million citizens and cabinet ministers.

The first national day was celebrated in Singapore in , one year from its separation from Malaysia. The parade of the day starts as early as 9 am. The fire brigade is also a highlight today, rounded by mass lion dance and dragon performance. The declaration of the independence of the country takes place at the parade ground Padang.

A unique logo was selected for the NDP for all fonts, which began in The parades, ceremonies, march past, and mobile column, which lasts for nearly 45 minutes, highlight this occasion. The Flypast of the Air force of the Singapore Republic has been followed regularly and is the favorite.

In churches, this day is commonly celebrated on 15 August. This is the chief day of the feast of the Mother Mary. The Assumption day is celebrated every year or on August 15th in many countries across South America and Europe, while few countries celebrate this during other times. It is the day of dormition Feeling asleep of all the Holy Mothers in Eastern nations. This day in France is a day for excursions and parties for all the people.

There is a special Feast of a soul in Brittany, mainly dedicated to Mother Mary, a great consoler. This day is also special for the French people, as they consider this occasion as a special one for betrothals, and Christians pray at the church, asking the blessings for their life partners and a good future. This is then followed by bonfires, musical bagpipes, and dances. All around the country, there are colorful processions on the streets and displays of fireworks to denounce the Feast of Assumption of Mother Virgin in Italy.

Pageants will be conducted on the decorated canoes, each of them holding a captain, three musicians, purser, and 2 rowers. They then travel all across the village for feast and Entertainment. Many of the Catholics visit Lourdes on this day to attend the celebration. In Italy, the statue of the Lady is carried in procession around the church or cathedral. In Siena, the most popular race Palio is held to honor the Virgin god. The race is conducted at the great public square in the city, which is scallop-shaped and surrounded by the beautiful and ancient buildings that are especially draped for the occasion.

The special dish for the day is the Scaloppine al Marsala. Major parts of the country will remain closed for the day, and public life is silent and quiet. Virgin May is regarded to have become a Patron saint ever since This day is a holiday for the country of Singapore, and the Muslims fast the whole day during the month of Ramadan.

The end of Ramadan is the beginning of the Shawwal in the Islamic month. All the Muslims fast and pray during the whole day of this month and attend the communal prayers, listen to the Sermon, and donate food as charity during this phase. This is celebrated after finishing one month of full fasting by the Muslims. Hari Raya means a grand day for the rejoicing of the Muslims.

This is the most prominent festival of Muslims in Singapore. This day is a time for forgiveness for the Muslim community and strengthening the bonds in their community. On Hari Raya Puasa, Muslims decorate the houses, wear new clothes, invite friends and relatives and celebrate the festival as a group.

Muslims visit the Mosque, recite the special prayers to complete the month-long fasting period, and welcome Ramadan. It is customary for Muslims to seek forgiveness from their elders on this day for all their wrong deeds during the past and to start a new life after that. There will be a lavish food table for dining on this special day for the Muslims, with varieties like the beef dish, ketupat, lontong, and many other treats.

Cookies, pineapple tarts, and cakes are the other delicacies. In some of the houses, the traditional kerosene lantern, Lampu color, is lit for decorating the homes; the decorative lamps have, however, replaced the old ones in modern homes. The first Monday of August in Scotland is the summer bank holiday, and for Wales and Northern Ireland, the last Monday of August is the summer bank holiday.

This day is the end of the summer vacation for many people in the United Kingdom, as they return from their homes to join their school or work in autumn. This day is the end of the summer vacation, and many people take a short break during this 3 day weekend.

It is a break to clean up their homes for some people, get the repairs done, and improve them. The famous Notting hill is the special carnival is held in London on this day; the streets are flooded with people playing music, dancing to the tunes of the playlists, and exuberating repeatedly the streets with the drum beats.

This festival is being celebrated since , and Caribbean immigrants actually organized this. They originally started to fight against racism and poor working conditions, and for the poverty, the people suffered. But of late, this carnival is modified, and it has become a multi-cultural festival that attracts millions and millions of people from all across the globe.

This is regarded as one of the largest street carnivals in the world. All the schools, corporate offices remain closed for the day. This Summer Bank holiday was initially introduced in The day was given a holiday for the bank employees to take part or attend the cricket matches. The Turkish bank holiday or Victory Day of Turkey will be on This is an annual day celebration on August 30th for the Turkish victory over the Greeks in This is a Victory day and a day of celebration for the Turkish.

On this day, the shops, offices, schools, and all houses are decorated with the Turkish flag, and the people celebrate this day by attending the parades which take place all across the country. The Air force carries our special flight demonstrations on this day.

The officials even attend the ceremony in Ankara. This day is special for the Air force, as all the Armed forces promotions are conducted on this day, and in fact, all the graduation ceremonies for the students take place on this day only. Public life is disturbed for some time on this day due to the rallies and military parades.

This day was basically given to the workers as a holiday to campaign for good working conditions and pay. But of late, this day has become a long week break for the Canadians. While for the others, the day is a day of enjoyment as they make trips and enjoy with family.

On this day, Canadians enjoy the football match that is played majorly throughout the country. All the offices and schools are closed on this day, and public transport is affected. Barbecues, public events, and the display of fireworks are some common scenarios on this day. In Japan, Respect for the aged day is celebrated yearly by spending time with their elderly relatives and friends. This day is celebrated yearly on the 3rd Monday of September. In , respect for the aged day will be on September 19th.

This concept then gradually started to spread throughout the country, and then the government declared it officially a holiday on September 15th. After adhering to the Monday system, the country then shifted the respect for the aged day to the 3rd Monday of September from This day is celebrated with huge pomp and gaiety.

Japanese who are above 60 years of age wear a red red-coloredcoloredese also prepare the lunch box and give this to the other known or neighboring older people. In some of the communities, the small children organize dance shows, musical concerts for their elders, and all the older people of the village or community join together on this day and enjoy the night as a group. As this day falls on Monday, the Japanese get a long weekend and can move about to various places with their family and relatives.

The roads and all public places are usually overcrowded on this day. Events in the Media like TV shows and audio broadcastings focus on programs mainly dedicated to older people. The fall equinox or the Autumn Equinox in Japan is a public holiday, and it falls on the 22nd or 23rd of September every year, depending upon the Japan Standard time.

This day might differ every year due to the different time zone of the country. This day is established as a national holiday ever since to honor the people who have died. Before the autumn equinox or the fall equinox was called the suki Korea sai, dedicated to the ancestors.

This day will occur while the sun rays cross the equator line from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. In the present-day Gregorian calendar, the fall equinox will fall on September 23rd. The sun on this day will rise right from the east and set exactly towards the west; the day and night are equal on this day, but after this day, the days will get shorter and nights longer in the northern hemisphere.

The people of Japan will call this phase the autumnal equinox again. This is called a phase because it lasts for 7 days, 3 days before the equinox, and 3 days after the equinox. The ohagi is served on this day as it is traditional, and even all the bakeries in the country are rather busy preparing for this day as there is a great demand for this dish.

Hong Kong celebrates its national day on October 1st every year, and this is a day to show patriotism for the country by its people. The day begins with parades, fireworks, shows, cultural events all across the country. The day is full of parties and dining as all the people gather at the Victoria harbor to witness the fireworks at 9 pm.

It is a public holiday all across the country, even though the dates may differ from territory to territory or area to area. Australians enjoy this day by relaxing and spending their time with friends and relatives watching sports and barbecues. Simultaneously, few of them will prefer to go on a trip to the mountains or picnics in the countryside or camping. The capital city Queensland organizes parades and marches on this day, and many of the chief political leaders lead these marches.

At the same time, the other union members also participate in this march. The symbol eight is of great importance to Australians, and hence many of the union buildings in Australia can witness the symbol 8 in their buildings. In fact, the symbol at the Spring Street of Melbourne was erected in to feature this occasion only.

The Day of German unity represents a national holiday for the Germans and it is celebrated on October 3rd every year as the German reunification anniversary. The Germans have a day off, and they organize huge events and celebrations like the leaders, politicians, concerts, food and communal meals, cultural presentations, and fireworks.

The whole nation has a festive mood and the different cities of the nation host different celebrations. Muslims played a major role in forming modern Germany, and hence on this day, the Muslim community is also honored. It is a public holiday for the nation, and much of the traffic is disrupted on this day as there will be huge celebrations that take place all across the streets and flooded with people taking part in the marches and parades.

The main symbols to symbolize this day for the country are the Berlin wall and the Brandenburg Gate. In Canada, Thanksgiving day is celebrated yearly on the 2nd Monday of October. The next Thanksgiving day in Canada is 10 October Thanksgiving Day in Canada is a celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the previous year.

This day is celebrated in the year This day, as the name suggests, is a day for thanking and blessing an individual. It is also a day to pray for a future fortune for Canadians. On this day, the country has a very silent look as all the people are off from their work, and the families will have a great get-together. The people prepare special dishes, including the traditional roasted turkey, seasonal produce, corn, pumpkin, and pecan nuts.

This day is a prolonged weekend holiday to take a short autumn vacation. The other activities on this day are Canadian Football matches, fishing, hiking, and other matches. All the people gather together and enjoy the spectacular autumn colors of their country. This day of Thanksgiving in Canada is associated with the traditional harvest festival of Europe. Hence, common symbols like the horn or the Cornucopia filled with seasonal vegetables and fruits are, in fact, used as the symbols for this day.

Horn of plenty means a bounty symbol from Ancient Greece, and so this symbol is used for this day to thank Mother Nature for providing their country with such bountiful agriculture. The Health-sports day is also called the sports day in Japan, and this is a national holiday throughout the country on the 2nd Monday of October every year. This event is held in the country to commemorate the opening of the Summer Olympics of This Health and Sports day initially began in on October 10th, just two years after the Summer Olympics This day is one of the fairest days for the Japanese.

This day was moved to the 2nd Monday of October since All the schools and communities in Japan celebrate their sports day on this occasion and conduct an event just like the mini Olympics. The event will have games like sprinting, long jump, sack race, rugby, tug of war, field events, various relays, exciting relay, 3 legged race, and various other popular games.

This festival starts with parading at in the morning and features other games with the traditional musical marching band. After raising high the Japanese Flag, the various games commence, and this event will be broadcast on Television sets and Radio. Each of the events has a winner, and a prize will be given to the winners. The prizes are normally different, like detergents, soaps, cooking oil, hand soap, etc. The traditional lunch and dancing competition is held on this day.

No, banks are closed on Columbus day. However, the stocks market is open while banks are closed. He had arrived in the US in on October 12th. People attend churches and take part in the services and various other activities. The towns and some cities in the nation conduct special services, events, parades, and other special occasions. All the celebrations that are conducted on this day are focused on the Italian — US community. The events that take place in San Francisco and New York are mainly noteworthy.

All the schools and Government offices remain closed on this day, and the Government buildings can be seen with highly raised flags. The festival Chung Yeung comes on the 9th day in the 9th lunar month and represents an autumn festival that marks the end of the growing season. This is just as similar to the Ching Ming festival of the spring.

This festival is a day of great importance as Hong Kong people celebrate it with their entire families. All the people gathered together at the cemetery and followed the age-old practices and rituals to worship their ancestors. The people believe that this day will shower them with good luck and prosperity. The day roots back to the age-old Han dynasty, where a Soothsayer had advised a person to go out with his kith and kin on the 9th day in the 9th lunar month.

The man had listened then and went out with his people. Since then, Hong Kong people have continuously followed this practice to protect themselves and get good rewards. The people in Hong Kong go out on this day and eat the traditional KO cake. This festival is also known as the Sacrifice Festival, which has been celebrated by Muslims ever since.

The day is the Completion day of Hajj, which is a yearly pilgrimage of Muslims to Mecca. Thousands of people visit Mecca during this period and perform various rituals. Muslims believe that the 5th pillar Islam will bring them financial success. On this day, the mosque is congregated with male volunteers, who will recite prayers and reflect on the read sermons.

After the prayers are over, it is customary to sacrifice goats or sheep, or cows. The flesh is then packed and given among the community, mainly to the poor Muslims. This ritual is to share the wealth among every Muslim so that even the less fortunate people will be happy on this day. Muslims will visit their families and enjoy the day. Dazzling decorations and lively markets are a few of the scenarios in the country. It is a tradition in Japan to honor the birthdays of the Imperials.

On this day, many festivals and celebrations take place all across the country to celebrate Japanese art. Different martial arts will be demonstrated on this day as a part of the event. The cultural awards will also be distributed at the Imperial palace to the person who had contributed a lot to the Japanese culture.

Armistice Day is the anniversary day to mark the end of World War I. This is a public holiday for the French. People will attend the special services and pay homage to all the people who died during World War I and accompanying wars. Various political figures, along with the President, will place a wreath at the memorials.

People can be seen wearing black clothes and the whole country will be in a solemn mood. Since this is a public holiday, all the banks, stores, offices, and schools are closed. Even public tourist spots and restaurants are shut down on this day. The French Tricolor national flag can be seen majorly on all the Government buildings. This flag plays a major role on this day, and, traditionally, this flag will be displayed on the poles.

An eternal light was lit in Paris at the tomb Arc de Triomphe three years back, and this light is still burning now. This day is for remembering the military personnel and all the civilians who were killed in the First World War. All the people wear artificial Poppy upon their dress on this day or week and respect the civilians who had lost their lives.

The Poppy is a symbol of memory for those who died in various conflicts. There will be special services and prayers on this day, and the Last Post will be played, which is the 4th verse of the Ode of Remembrance. The people will be silent for 2 minutes, exactly at 11 pm. Wreaths will be kept, and all the people will visit the war memorials.

Ceremonies will be held at the Ottawa National War memorial , adhering to the stringent protocol. People will lay poppies, photographs, and letters upon the tomb, and there will be special sessions of lessons, tutorials, and presentations on this day. Veterans Day in the United States of America is observed on November 11th every year and represents a Federal holiday. Veterans Day honoring military veterans , who are people who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

This day is intended to honor and be thankful for all the military people who had served the USA in all their wars. The day begins with the parades and March past, visiting the churches and visiting the cemeteries. The American flag is hung at the half, and a two-minute silence is observed at exactly 11 am.

All the schools, office establishments are closed for the day, and special activities or assemblies will be conducted during this day. The day falls on November 11th every year, but if the day happens to be in the middle of the week, the celebrations are postponed till the weekend. Yes, most banks are closed on Veterans day and the stocks market is closed. This is a federal holiday in US and most companies do not work. Deepavali is one of the major festivals festival of lights of the Hindus in Singapore and it will be on Monday 24 October This is the most enjoyable festival celebrated with full gaiety almost all across the globe as it marks the victory of goodness upon evil.

It brings lightness in the darkness. The day differs every year, according to the Hindu calendar. On this day, the oil lights can be seen lit almost in all the houses, and it is for thanking God for providing health, wealth, and knowledge. On this day, the temples are dazzling with color-lit lamps, and even the streets are glowing with shining lamps.

The main temples can be seen decorated with striking displays of lights that keep dazzling to invite the festival of Deepavali. Campbell Street is completely changed to a festive atmosphere, and lots of stalls are kept for shopping purposes. The shopping will comprise intricate jewels, Indian outfitting dresses, arts, costumes, and crafts.

All the shops will be selling Indian delicacies, and it is a night to relish the taste buds completely. On this day, Americans traditionally spend their time with their family and relatives. They assemble and have a special meal that includes traditional foods like Potato, cranberry, turkey stuffing, sauce, pumpkin pie, gravy, and fresh veggies.

This is a day to thank God for His blessings upon the people. In the US, it is a day to thank God for the food collected from the harvest. The day begins with parades, almost in all the towns and cities. Please see the entire list of banks and payment service providers entrusted with the handling of clients' funds. To maximise our visitors' browsing experience, TeleTrade uses cookies in our web services. By continuing to browse this site you agree to our use of cookies.

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Montevideo Bolsa Valores. Tokyo Stock Exchange. Marine Day. Nicaragua Bolsa Valores. National Liberation Day. Lao Securities Exchange. Lao Women's Union Establishment Day. Swaziland Stock Exchange. Public Holiday. Tunis Bourse. Maldives Stock Exchange.

King's Birthday. Emancipation Day. Somer's Day. Bank Holiday. Barbados Stock Exchange. Kadooment Day. Jamaica Stock Exchange. Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange. Farmers' Day. SIX Swiss Exchange. Civic Holiday.

Thanksgiving Day. Singapore Exchange. National Women's Day. Mountain Day. Bourse Regionale des Valeurs Mobilieres. Assumption Day. Dhaka Stock Exchange. National Mourning Day. Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Athens Stock Exchange. Beirut Stock Exchange. Guatemala Stock Exchange. Malta Borza. Cyprus Stock Exchange. Santiago Stock Exchange. Asuncion Bolsa Valores. Founding of Asuncion. National Stock Exchange of India.

Restoration Day. Sponsored Sponsored. Trade With A Regulated Broker. Friday, May 27th Sunday, May 29th

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Coming of Age (Adults') Day. The United States. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.