rule 1 investing by phil town payback
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Rule 1 investing by phil town payback forex trading books

Rule 1 investing by phil town payback

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Although he claims his approach is for the everyday folks, it does require one to really understand and continuously follow the companies whose stocks one is prepared to load up in a bear market. Another indispensable but underappreciated part to successfully implementing his approach is, of course, exercising exceptional patience while one wa In short, the author's investment approach is more or less a over simplified version of value investing emulating Warren Buffett's investment principles.

Another indispensable but underappreciated part to successfully implementing his approach is, of course, exercising exceptional patience while one waits for those great stocks to drop below their intrinsic values and, after loading up on them, then wait for prices to climb back up--possibly for over five years. Therefore, don't let the book's friendly, perky writing style fool you into thinking it will be a smooth, easy ride, because, in the end, most of value investing's tenets directly challenge our very human nature.

Jan 14, Frank rated it did not like it. This is an ad for his website, and full of horrible advice for the common investor. As in, go ahead, trust me and cash in your K and invest it in the market. Freedom of speech is a terrible thing sometimes. View 1 comment. May 11, Dr. Cock'n Ballz rated it did not like it. Do not waste your time. I guess Phil is a successful hedge fund manager So I'm not saying he doesn't know anything about investing.

What I am saying is this book won't help you. If you know Nothing about investing or the stock market, you can throw this into the bin of 'interesting' books you might read to pique your interest and start coloring the landscape for you. But there are hundreds of books in that bin - this one is not special. It's as if this guy hasn't ever read an investing Garbage. It's as if this guy hasn't ever read an investing book himself. He makes up a ton of terms and acronyms that do not exist anywhere else.

Even though all of those ideas have proper accounting names. Reading this book might actually make you stupider. He also tramples on one of my biggest pet peeves - he constantly references his website and others. Skip ahead if you've read my rant on this topic before. If I wanted to find your shitty website, I can do it myself. I don't need to read about it in a book.

He goes even further - he screen shots Yahoo Finance pages and points with arrows to say 'click here'. Websites change Phil. Highly doubtful that if I go to yahoo right now, the button you screen caped still exists. He also likes to throw around the name Buffet a lot It's too easy. Anyways - don't read it. View 2 comments. Jul 28, Anirudh Mathad rated it it was amazing. It's another "get excited about wealth" book, and while the technique of finding a stock's sticker price is interesting, the only citations that it works are anecdotal references to Warren Buffet.

The whole system rests on the buyer intimately knowing the business they're buying, which gives Mr. Town the perfect out for when the system doesn't work. Sep 13, Nathan rated it liked it. This book was okay. Excellent book for both novice and expert in the investing game In this book author explained stock pilling strategy.

Guys who have already read authpr's first book "Rule 1 investing", this is the continuation of that. Phil is an excellent writter, and also a great teacher. The way he breaks things down is an art. In his two books he explained why great investors should learn both technical and fundamental analysis to maximise the profit. A must read. Sep 22, Melody rated it it was amazing.

Step-by-step instructions on how to research companies and stocks using free tools on the internet. Great book! May 05, Lana Nguyen rated it liked it. Honestly the book is being written in kind of boring format with words and some stock charts. Find businesses that relate to your passions, talents, and how you make and spend your money. It will help you find price bubbles that MOS may not catch. This book make me feel soooo easy to follow his guidance that i suspect its possibility.

Everythings seems simple but i believe he means much more than what he wrote in the books. The method of calculating the value of company is like a piece of cake. Isn't it a joke? I tried his method and it's still take hours to analyze overall. After taking an investing course, i partly understand FAC rule, Support-Resistance theory and how it control the whole game of the market.

I imagine if i knew nothing This book make me feel soooo easy to follow his guidance that i suspect its possibility. I imagine if i knew nothing before reading this book, it would take me long time to discover the magical principles after that. Anw, Phil Town made it very simple and packed into just a book. This can be a goood direction for anyone who is in the first step of investment.

Mar 01, Dejan rated it liked it. Phil's explanation of finding right stock business to invest in is a great and easy to understand fundamental analysis approach. But, like in Rule 1 book, after you've finished the first part of the book and you think that's it, it is time to invest, he suddenly jumps into technical analyses approach, literally denying the first part of the book.

It suddenly becomes daily trading book with all the signals and theories that a serious value investor doesn't agree with - complete speculation. I Phil's explanation of finding right stock business to invest in is a great and easy to understand fundamental analysis approach. I've just found out he is a hedge fund manager, which explains it all.

I'm kind of disappointed, after being his fun for years. Aug 26, Tram Nguyen rated it really liked it. Although Phil Town approached readers with marketing their website and courses, I really appreciated value that he bring to me. I realized that for people want to retire early with stable finance, you should invest in value of company.

By this way, you should pay attention in 4M in which Management and Moat are most elements. Also, demonstrated figure is out of date and there are some wrong calculation but it did not affect significant on valuation of company. I think that investors should spend m Although Phil Town approached readers with marketing their website and courses, I really appreciated value that he bring to me.

I think that investors should spend more than 1 time for this book for more understanding in valuation of company. I do not recommend this book for people want to get money from stock market daily. Sep 15, David Davis rated it it was amazing. Loved the book. Good, down-to-earth information. Clear directions on how to handle your investing.

Explanations of what kind of investments are best and what to avoid. I recommend it highly. I am in the process of learning how to trade and invest and as part of that process I have and will continue to have Zoom meetings and phone calls with my family and friends to help them on their investing journey.

Mar 27, Hercules Merscher rated it it was amazing. This book kinda completes what Rule 1 started. It gives a much better overview and practical advices to a buy and hold strategy. Rule 1 gives the idea you need to be a trader sometimes not to loose money, but not this one. It also explains with practical examples the best time to sell, which was already explained on previous book but it lacked context.

I found it had a better structure and easier to read and understand. Jun 21, Muhannad rated it really liked it Shelves: books , enterprising-investing. Great text to go along with Phil Town's 3 day workshop. This book covers Phil Town's method in selecting a good company to buy shares in, or in his words, buying the company.

It is the same as what was presented in the 3 day workshop, except with a improved detail. How do you find a good company to invest in during an inflationary period? Should you bet against what the Federal Reserve might do?

Tune in to learn how to stay disciplined and keep emotional investments in check during crazy times to build generational wealth in any environment! While there was no massive new idea presented at the meeting, it served as a fantastic reminder of the great financial advice Buffett and Munger have been talking about for years. This week, Phil and Danielle continue their conversation from last week recapping their takeaways and learnings from the meeting, and explaining how you can use those takeaways in order to succeed with your investments.

Lots of great information on the show. I have to turn up the volume to here Phil speak and then my ears get blasted when an ad suddenly comes in at a much higher volume. Please fix this. Best investing podcast out there. Never miss a week. Danielle thinks she is in charge and talks over her dad, who has real wisdom.

Will keep listening however! Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews. Top Podcasts In Business. The Ramsey Show. Ramsey Network. Planet Money. Jocko Podcast. Andy Frisella to0. Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin. You Might Also Like.

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Phil Town Rule #1 Investing

Phil Town's first book, the #1 New York Times bestseller Rule #1, was a guide to stock trading for people who believe they lack the knowledge to trade. Phil is a hedge fund manager and author of 3 New York Times best-selling investment books, Invested, Rule #1, and Payback Time. He was taught how to invest. The Rule #1 Payback Time calculator estimates the number of years it would take the earnings of the company to cover the cost of the stock price.