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Taking advantage of these opportunities requires knowledge of individual markets, established networks and contacts and an awareness of local culture and business practices. IIS provides the local presence, knowledge and experience you need to successfully attract investment from any European country to your location.

We can draw on the full range of Wavteq's corporate research capabilities, databases, and artificial intelligence to support the identification of leads for our clients. Working with Wavteq's offices around the world also provides us a global reach and allows us to offer clients a seamless lead generation service covering Europe, North America, Asia and other regions. Our team has supported over 50 investment promotion and economic development agencies as well as industrial parks and free zones from around the world to attract European investment.

We have built a track record of generating real results for our clients and have helped attract investments leading to the creation of thousands of new jobs. Our team members have helped over 50 clients from around the world to attract European investment. The following are just a few examples of recent projects that our team members have managed.

Targeted investment attraction in the medical device and electronics industries. International Investment Services IIS provides the following FDI attraction services, which can be provided for individual markets in Europe or as part of an investment attraction program covering all of Europe as well as other regions.

International Investment Services Marburger Str. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Find Out More. How we help Europe is one of the most attractive source markets for foreign investment. IIS Team Our team has supported over 50 investment promotion and economic development agencies as well as industrial parks and free zones from around the world to attract European investment.

Experience Our team members have helped over 50 clients from around the world to attract European investment. East Coast U. State Multi-year in-market Europe representation pan-Europe. Second, any additional worker process also maintains its own cache and CPU threads, and will increase the resource usage of an application pool. Depending on your use case, a more reliable alternative to web gardens may be splitting your application into microservices and dedicating an application pool to each.

You can observe the extent to which web gardens are impacting performance in your particular case by monitoring the CPU and memory usage of each worker process. You can also increase or decrease the maximum request queue length of each application pool. With a higher maximum queue length, IIS can serve a larger number of concurrent requests before it starts returning errors to clients.

However, if you set your maximum queue length too high, your server may seem unresponsive to clients while their requests are waiting in the queue. Microsoft recommends setting the maximum queue length no higher than 10, You can parse your logs to collect the cs-method and cs-uri-stem of each request, and use this data to analyze the throughput, latency, and impact on resource usage of requests to specific routes within your web applications.

If the average time-taken is higher than expected, for example, you can use cs-method and cs-uri-stem to see if the latency issues come from a specific page. And a spike in 4xx or 5xx errors can signal a problem with a configuration setting or a breaking change in your application. You can parse and analyze your IIS logs to track the types of requests that have returned error responses. As of version 7. You can find a list of HTTP status and substatus codes here.

IIS sends a 5xx status code when the server is unable to respond to a valid request. IIS will start sending error responses after it has reached its maximum request queue length and cannot process any additional requests. Yet there may also be alternative causes of s. Just like when an application pool reaches its maximum queue length, an ASP. NET application will begin responding to requests with errors after hitting its appConcurrentRequestLimit by default, 5, Without deeper investigation, it can be hard to determine the source of a error, but the IIS substatus code may offer clues.

For example, This metric represents the difference, in milliseconds, between two timestamps: when HTTP. Two ways you can improve response latency include using HTTP compression to reduce the size of the files that IIS returns, and using output caching to store commonly generated versions of dynamic content in memory.

The effectiveness of these solutions depends on your use case. And if your content changes frequently, the resource use of caching may offset any drop in response latency. You have as little control over some 4xx errors as you do over the requests your users send. But a wave of specific messages may be worth investigating. If HTTP. A pattern of status codes can indicate that HTTP. For example, the MaxFieldLength property specifies the limit, in bytes, for each header in a request, and might be rejecting certain headers.

You can edit MaxFieldLength and other properties in the registry. While the occasional Not Found status code is to be expected, a sustained increase may indicate disorganized or missing assets. ElapsedTime records the number of seconds a Windows process has been running, and is particularly useful for monitoring IIS worker processes.

Recycle events may erase application state and cause brief periods of unavailability. By default, recycling based on request count and memory usage is disabled, and application pools will restart every 29 hours. These settings are configurable , as is the option for IIS to spin up a new application pool automatically whenever another one begins to shut down.

In the example below, we recycled an application pool at around p. The ElapsedTime of each worker process reset, while ServiceUptime continued to increment. When we restarted the IIS server at around p. An application pool could face resource contention or even crash, while IIS as a whole appears to be functioning. Monitoring the CPU utilization of running worker processes lets you allocate your server resources effectively—for instance, you may want to throttle the CPU consumption of application pools when they reach a specific limit.

While you cannot use IIS Manager to identify the application pool that a specific worker process belongs to, there are tools you can download for this purpose. You may also want to create a memory dump and use a separate software program to perform a stack trace. Windows processes have access to a virtual address space , where they store pages that map to locations where data is also stored on physical RAM.

Too much memory usage across your system can cause an out-of-memory exception. It could also be the case that your application simply consumes a lot of memory, for example, by using string concatenation to return HTML. As with CPU utilization, you can find the source of high memory consumption by analyzing a memory dump with a tool like DebugDiag see Part 2 , correlating memory consumption with the paths and methods of HTTP requests, and identifying which w3wp.

Below, we see a bump in memory consumption per worker process in a specific application pool, after the pool recycled around p. Source Markdown for this post is available on GitHub. Questions, corrections, additions, etc.? Please let us know. White modal up arrow. Download Media Assets. Infrastructure Monitoring. Network Performance Monitoring. Network Device Monitoring. Container Monitoring.

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