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Tracking forex balikbayan boxes philippines price volume indicator forex

Tracking forex balikbayan boxes philippines

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Also please do not apply ROPE around your balikbayan box, it tears up the other balikbayan boxes. Back to top of page Why can't I ship auto engine or motorcyle parts? Due to customs regulations and rules. Engine internal parts and motorcyle parts cannot be shipped to the Philippines. When the boxes arrive at the central port in Manila, they are scanned for contraband and illegal or hazardous items.

When one is found, it jeopardizes the entire shipment and will delay the entire shipment and can lead to the boxes being opened by custom agents to inspect for possible contraband or illegal items. Please don't delay the entire shipment of everyone else because you wanted to send your cousin a piston or camshaft or engine block. Back to top of page Can I ship tools like for the home and cars? Yes absolutely! Most Filipinos do.

We do not recommend and highly discourage you from sending tools that are of high value. Remember these are Balikbayan Boxes. While they are handled as carefully as possible, they are loaded on top of each other, compressing Electric equipment, especially fragile ones are not the best time to try out how tough they are. We will guarantee the delivery, but if your electric items do not function, we will not be held liable.

Back to top of page What happens in the event that my Balikbayan Box should get lost? We will reimburse you for the cost of sending your balikbayan box. We have never had a box that has never been delivered. All of our boxes, has always But if some unfortunate event that your box is lost and is not delivered, you will be reimbursed for the cost of sending the box.

That is the reason we do not recommend sending high value items. Back to top of page Can I still send documents or other high value or sensitive items? Remember it is your decision if you send it in the box. But again we highly caution you not to send it, due to the Balikbayan boxes being stacked and handled.

Back to top of page Besides the tape that I use are the boxes secured another way? Yes every Balikbayan box are also banded to prevent pilferage and any attempts to open it. Take a look a our pictures gallery and you will see as they are being banded and after the boxes are banded for extra security. So you do not need to apply any rope or other binding around your Balikbayan Boxes. Back to top of page When do you ship balikbayan boxes to the Philippines? We normally have a shipment every month, usually during the middle of the month.

Kindly contact us for the exact shipment dates. Back to top of page Is there a minimum number of boxes I need to send? We have no minimum or maximum number of boxes. Some customers send every month, some send once a year, some send 10 at a time.

When you are ready to send, we'll be there for you. Back to top of page Is there a discount for sending more than 5 or 10 boxes? There are no discounts for shipping more. The price per box that we offer is the best in the entire state and is very fair, competitive and set at the lowest rate possible. We have never had a price increase and do not forsee any in the future. Most TVs sold today has "Multi-Voltage" capability.

Best way to tell is to look at the back of the TV. In fact look at your very own TV. Take a look right close to the cable or the sticker on the back. It will say either vv or vv. If you see something that looks close to that, where it will be somewhere between vv, then you know your TV will automatically adapt to the correct power voltage and you do not need to buy a transformer or voltage regulator. Or have the local neighbor jury rig it.

And if you are still not sure, if the TV that you are looking at is Multi-Voltage, call or email me and I will gladly research it for you. It's a customer service that we provide. Back to top of page Can I send computers or other electronic items in the Balikbayan Boxes? Yes you can, but we highly discourage it. Keep in mind that computers and other electronic items by their nature are very sensitive equipment.

For example if your laptop should fall off the edge of your table, it will probably be okay Too many of those is not good at all. That's just something that you want to keep in mind. But if you still want to send it, that's up to you. Back to top of page Do you have an example of a label and how it should be written? Balikbayan Boxes Printed on paper is best. Back to top of page What information should I write on the outside of my Balikbayan Box? Our Goal is to make sure your Balikbayan Boxes are delivered timely and to the right person.

You can help us achieve that goal by making sure the information written on the box is correct and readable. It is important that you also include a very good phone number in the Philippines to the person who the box is addressed to on the box. We will not just leave it at the front door. We will call before delivery to make sure the person is home.

A friend of mine send some stuffs with them and it took 50 days to get to the recipient which is somewhere in Pampanga. Thank you Charles! I have used Forex's services over 10 times and never had a problem. Tracking your box online is a nice feature too forexworld. Currently I have two boxes enroute So, anytime within the next two weeks the box should arrive in Cebu and another week or so for it to arrive to it's destination.

We just sent ours a few weeks ago. I don't know if they even have LBC in your state but I was surprised that even though we have no LBC in our city the driver drove almost miles to come pick up our box at no extra charge. I am wondering if they want a list of the items inside the box My kids are under 13 but are moving with me soon, they want to send a lot of their stuff home, instead of taking them on their flight.

Forex website does not even mention any Forex in LA. What a lying fraudulent scheme you all are, we use to correct packing tape as required and the box was full. Samsung Galaxy Tablet etc They stole from the bottom to the top, nothing just fell out!!!

They will lie and blame you, disgusting way to treat a 1st time customer and my family!!! I feel sorry that you had your things pilferage from your shipment. No one wants to have their things stolen. I for one have had that happen with Philpost. Pissed me off. But the difference between you and I and that is I didn't bellyache to VJ. I took it like a man and found a different company to send my boxes with.

You are saying they are not a reputable company but they are still in business because the MAJORITY of customers, have their boxes delivered without a problem. You need to work with the company but unfortunately you may have signed a document with no insurance, but I am not you so I can't say for sure. Read your documents and see what recourse you may have. When I am in a situation talking to a customer and they are irate, I tend to do just what I need to take care of the problem.

Think about it. Call back and be nice, you might get just what you wanted from them. Adjustment of Status. Accepted March 19, Text message with receipt numbers. Biometrics April 16, Biometrics completed. TD May 23, Travel Document approved and went for card production. Green Card Approved July 11, Approved, no interview. Went to card production.

Green Card received July 17, GC received without interview. Removal of Conditions. Check Cashed Dec 21, Check was cashed. Biometrics Appt. Jan 29, Biometrics Appointment Scheduled [Completed]. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Philippines Sign Up Menu.

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Picking up Our Balikbayan Boxes at FOREX CARGO Valenzuela Warehouse \u0026 Lunch at Cafe Princess

Enter Forex Cargo Tracking number to track and trace your Balikbayan Box, Cargo, Package, Shipment and Get Real time delivery status details online. Enter Forex Balikbayan Box Tracking number to track and trace your Air Cargo, Package, Shipment and Get Live delivery status information online. Request for box pickup & track your box with the Forex Mobile App · Our Customer Success team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week · Our Customer Success.