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Forexoma $1000 forex plan template multipair indicator forex best

Forexoma $1000 forex plan template

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That means take the signal the same way every single time. Traders must realize there is a learning curve that will vary from trader to trader and not make things more complicated than they should be. Great and honest article. Thanks Matt. The biggest problem I have encountered so far is getting my money OUT after almost two years of letting my principal balance accumulate.

The government has frozen everything. What is your guarantee with your system that you can get my money back into my hands or back into my bank account?? You want a guarantee from me? You should have asked for it from the broker company when you wanted to open an account with them. Those who look for overseas brokers for some special purposes will be faced with these kinds of problems. The Conclusion: IF it. There are a lot of multi-millionaire forex traders.

And I have another friend who is a swing trader and makes over a million dollar from each of his trades. We withdraw our money because keeping such a huge amount of money with a broker is not a good idea. Hey i just came across this article, and am new to forex. What i mean to say is, how much money in a forex account is too much?

I have read over and over again that brokers are shady and that keeping large amounts of money in the account are bad.. Different brokers should be treated differently. Is 20 million dollar account Risky or not? Dear Vahid My comment is jut for opening traders eye and mine to the reality.

Please tell me what is a real rational example of monthly profit?? I have mentioned in several occasions on the this weblog that those who double or triple their accounts within a month, will lose everything next month. Not just for one month. Contentiously and consecutively. Sometimes we make more and sometimes less, but in average, pips is the minimum. The amount of the money that you can make with pips depends on your account size and the amount of the risk you take in your trades.

It can be different from person to person. He is a wise trader, not a gambler. Regarding the Forbes List and what you say that his name should be there, I have a question for you:. A few months ago, we had some hot news about a guy who took 18 billion dollar gold, out of Iran. Obviously, he should be one of the richest people in the world and should be on the same list that Bill Gates is, but with a lower ranking.

Your last Comment is exactly the point that i was trying to clarify. Congratulations for this great performance. By having your Signals I will be the next unknown Billionaire after 4 years. You are welcome. What do you want the read only access to my account for? This is the first time I am asked for it. Obviously, you are from another planet. You will lose nothing.

I am not used to let anybody have access to my account. There are only two persons who know. God and tax man. It Seems YOU are from another planet. Obviously, you are doing nothing BUT trying to show up and pretend that you are smarter than the others, BUT you are not. If you were, you would not hide your real IP address It means you are afraid of something. This is what I knew from the first time I saw your comment, but I wanted to be patient with you and let you talk.

Nobody is trying to fool you, because it is not necessary. I may open a small live account later and give read only access to those who are interested. It is not a big deal. Those who know me better than you, are aware that I am not used to hide anything from my clients or try to cheat them. I am even used to analyze my bad trades and count my mistakes to teach my clients something more. But you, if you leave a comment through a proxy server next time, it will be removed immediately.

Why someone who claims that can not be fooled by the others, tries to fool the others by using a different IP? I am also from a planet which is impossible to fool someone on it. I asked you some questions for clarifying the way, but you are talking about my IP address. Brokers use some applications they call Virtual Dealer: this applications makes some delay in the market, flag big accounts, Re quotas,..

So,Should Call them Dealer not broker!!! Sorry if I was a Little Rude and too Straight. Hello guys, Hossein has a point and there is no way that he may appear dodgy just because he does not show his IP. I cannot see any bad consequence about doing it in this conversation. On the other hand Vahid should absolutely show to his customer how he is able to extract so many pips from the market, which in my experience is impossible. A read only account is easy to do and it will make everyone happy.

We do not have to convince anybody, including our customers. It is something that if the traders can do, they will become profitable. Most people lose because of greed. And if you ask about their experience, you will see that their experience is the same as your experience: It is not possible to make profit in the forex market. Just take a look at our last performance and see how we are working. You have to account for taxes every quarter so that will effect your numbers greatly.

Of course you have to pay the tax. This article is saying something else. I want to make a living using forex. Maybe its greeds or not. I can wait to year to earn that big but right now i need usd per week for me to survive. Do you think your strategies can help me. Then all you need to have is patience. Your article was very enlightening and shows how if we do have patience we can still profit big.

I am planning on using mini lots of 0. Mainly, because I want to be able to continue to pursue FX for many years to come. My question to you is what type of leverage were you using to form this example? I discovered a means of making 10 pips a day guaranteed…without reaching my set stop loss even half way. Vahid i really want you to explain to me the best possible way to utilize the best possible way to trade and make maximum benefit using my strategy….

Sorry for getting my message to be so brief. Please Vahid let me know the best possible way to trade using your money management rule and getting the most out of my strategy…Thanks man and God Bless…. So your target is 10 pips and your stop loss is 30 pips.

No trader recommends and admits such a trading style. A maximum or Thanks for your response Vahid.. I have one more question. I want you to tell me what you would do if you have a well proven strategy that has proved not to get to your set stoploss value even not half way of it and guarantees you between 10 to 15 pips. It has been operated on the market for over a year now and only on one occasion did it get to 25 out of the 30 set stop loss value. Second closest was 20 and that was it.

I do not even trade at times for a few days till i get my signals right. I have not loosed a single trade since the start of the usage of my strategy.. Or to rephrase the question. Do you think there would be any such possibilities in the forex market whereby you would have such a guaranteed value of Take profit without hitting your stoploss.. I am looking forward to hearing from you…. I want to start out with a demo account for a couple of months and see how it goes before moving on to real money.

What is the best place to start to gaining knowledge on strategies? I was looking for it on here, but I must have overlooked the place that has links to information on learning the Forex system. Any thoughts? Having read some of the above comments,I feel it is really necessary to make a further comment. I would much appreciate a response from you.

All you do is increase your lot size as you go along and go on trading Pip number is not a good way to calculate the profit because different currency pairs have different pip values. To do that you should have a stop loss of the same size or smaller which is not possible.

Having a bigger stop loss is not a good idea because one bad trade eats several good trades. The reason I came up with the figure of IIf my reasoning is wrong, please help me? How do i do that? Please email me just in case if i am never back on this site again. All the advice here just make it slow to loose all your money. Winning strategy is a different story and discussion.

This article is talking about something else. I am not talking about a strategy here. In this article, I assumed that you already have a winning strategy, but because you are not able to control your greed, you over trade and you want to double or triple your account every month. I am trying to say that people should be happy with a reasonable profit every month. Congratulations on this article and your site is awesome.

There is a LOT to learn from this site!! Why do we read that……….. If every traderstick to your guidance we will all make a profit……best of all…. You also say that it is extremely easy to make that percentage each month. Anyone publishing this kind of information is dreaming and does not trade profitably him or herself. While you may make some points — I quit reading when I saw your numbers, they are not the points an experienced and consistently profitable trader would make.

While there have been a handful of traders rarer than movie superstars who have made documented and audited that kind of money with some consistency — NONE of them would every say it was easy, much less extremely easy. I got to your site because you left a comment on by blog with a backlink. I came here to read and see if you are a legitimate site. You are not. No seasoned trader who is consistently profitable would speak in the terms you do. While there is truth in the principles he is writing about — he has no authority to teach it.

His comments are not someone who has made real money in amounts even close to the kind of numbers he is purporting. My guess is that he has never made a dime in this business — or that he has actually lost money. Thanks for your comment and your effort to enlighten the others.

I receive comments like this every now and then. People including you are free to think in any way they like. At the meantime, you can take a look at one of the comments I received about a year ago. I always read it. Second, obviously you are not a trader and something you say is just based on the books you have read. Different traders have different results.

Just spend some energy and open your eyes a little more and see the bigger picture. Whereas he is not and everybody who have been investing in forex or stocks knows him except you because you are not a trader and you are just a book reader. You are right. I have never made a dime in forex because I have a few big accounts and I make much more than a dime in my trades. And again you are right that I have lost money, because some of my trades hit the stop loss and I lose money sometimes.

Sean, take your medications before your surf the web. I also know that the leverage for gold is always How can i control the percentage of the risk, or how can i calculate? You can not make so much profit through trading gold only, unless you take too much risk which is not recommended at all. Stop loss and take profit are different from trade to trade. While a position needs to have a pips stop loss, the other position may have a 50 pips stop loss.

It depends on each trade setup condition. What pair of currency you would recommend me at this time and what leverage you think i have to set for it? Gold is volatile, but it is only one trading opportunity. Why you want to limit yourself when you can have more opportunities? I check about 25 pairs. There is no special pair that I can recommend. I trade any of them that form a signal. Leverage is not a big deal as long as you are disciplined enough to limit your risk.

For a disciplined trader, there is no difference between and leverage. No matter what leverage your account has. When you gain more confidence, you can risk more. I thought as what you just said it is the case of risk managment. Thank you my friend. Is the broker so important for trading, for example i have fxpro and instaforex. How many of us have improved as traders? And how many of us are still flitting from site-to-site looking for that one single method that will begin the process of dollars flowing towards us, instead of the dollars flowing away from us?

I believe there is enough information on THIS site already to bring every single reader to profitability, if only they are able to keep their trading simple, and follow the instructions already given. Above, Vahid has given you a calculator which clearly shows that a consistent winning method may bring you to financial independence within 2 years. Is there something I have missed here? I do not think I have missed anything. I am naturally sceptical of people who are still saying they are having problems getting started.

Yes, I am aware that in my part of the world, I am blessed to be able to find this money easily - but then that money represents loaves of bread where I live. How much money do you need in your country to buy loaves of bread - then that is an amount you might think of using to fund your account - it is the same relatively speaking.

There are NO links taking the reader to other sites where Vahid will profit and prosper from third-party revenues. If you are to make a difference to your own situation in this New Calendar year although I believe we need to be making such a distinction EVERY day of our lives there are a couple of things to do:. Clean up your computer. Get the rubbish off there. Focus on ONE thing only. Maybe you have considered giving, but you are unsure how to give most effectively?

Then maybe you could consider this site, and the principle of giving that it embraces:. Then you can fund your account using PayPal, and begin making a difference in the lives of less fortunate people immediately. If you follow both points 1 and 2 above, then will be a better year for you, and a better year for others.

Vahid - thank you for your blog, and for allowing people to freely express their views and questions. Sorry the post is so long - but I believe these things needed to be said. Thanks for your support and presence here. And thanks for trying to help the others and make them enlightened.

May be the year of big dreams that come true, as well as health, wealth and happiness for you and your family. As you said, to have a better life next year, first we need to clean. We should clean everything, including our hearts and minds. Then we will have a better life. I am very new in Forex trading and stumbled onto your site just a few hours ago while in FXopen Forum and your site was mentioned by one of the traders. I have to agree that I am getting a lot of new insights and education into the world of Forex Trading.

While studing and training on forex, I am convienced that GREED is the main point the cause newbie forex trader to lose all their capital. Thanks for your comment for the xls files and the changes you made. Something you have done on the excel files is also possible, but it all depends on the trading style and also the discipline that a trader should have.

Setting pip or monetary goals is not a good idea in forex trading because when you are behind the schedule you push yourself to trade more and this will cause you to lose money. That is why I tried to have a simpler goal to achieve.

When something can be done in two years easily, why make it much harder to do, just to do it in one year? In the second one I only suggested that with time my experience will increase, so either I number of pips I can reach my be much more or the risk precentage may increase…..

Trying to find suitable rules or me to govern me. You just think it is so easy? No way. Never quit your job till you have made some money, real money with forex. Ok, that plan is really awsome, why? Someone is 20 years old, and can do this for 2 years, that means that by the time that that person will be 22 years old, will have an income of Thats is a system that you should get paid to say it.!

I wish to you to be rich, happy, have love, have all the good things in this world, material and spiritual and emotional, because whoever follow it, will be a really happy person!!!!!!!!!!!! Before someone wants to start trading with real money, he has to make sure that he has learned everything and is ready.

I trade usually with the news , and it has been really good for me, I have a limit 10 up to 25 pips, depents the day, the news, etc… and stop loss pips. I only trade with good signals, and i have many pairs that i trade but not all of them all the time. Some of the more some of them rarely.

But i have a signal generating software,forexkiller…. Do you know about this software? Hope to read from you soon. I have it, but I have not used it seriously. However, I think if you follow the trading strategies that comes with the software, you can make money. Hello, Just a quick question, is your program suitable for a newbie or one should have reasonable knowledge in forex before taking the membership?

I do my best to explain everything in the easiest way. We already have a lot of videos on the members area that explain all the basics. I make pips with set trades i. Do you know if a personal trader trading only my own money can still continue to make 10 pips a day by trading 40 sizes???

Is this a correct assumption? Most I have traded is 7 lot sizes and have been profitable in an intraday setup. Do you know if trading 40 sizes can still be used in an intraday set up … profitably? Thanks for your reply, so what you are saying is trading on a interday perspective would be ok but trading intraday would be high risk. You can be a good intraday trader but something you said making 5 pips per day is called scalping. You can not be happy with 5 pips per day and remain profitable.

Where should the stop loss of a 5 pips target to be??? You can not have a 5 pips stop loss. It has to be much bigger. So one losing trade will wipe out several good trades. I like your content. Mathematically it could work and I know I can do it. I never got caught up with forex robots or signal services because I searched for a mentor and I was lucky to find one who was able to teach me pure price action. Fib levels, support and resistance lines and a MA.

I was taught to use 4H and Daily charts and 1H charts for entry. He my mentor taught me that by compounding my profit weekly or monthly that I could truly become a millionaire. I hope you do not disappoint me Vahid. You had a nice mentor that has thought you everything you need to know. I would not do it if I were you, because sometimes learning more, will deviate you from the right way you have been following. If you are making this consistently then you are one of only a couple hundred people in the world who is this successful in forex.

I have a seven figure salary trading forex, and I only started out with 10, Your trade just wont be filled for that many lots. Once you start trading 20 standard lots, it gets a little choppy. They will build up to lots if the market proves them right.

Hello mentor Valid, i appreciate your work of great value. What i want to know is do u advice i keep to the 4 hour chart for my trading? I m from Sydney and interested in Forex Business,do you know about any Broker in Sydney who can manage my Forex account on behalf of me and give me monthly profit? If so let me know the Best one. Hi I need if I can help.

As I can get it to work? Como which is the default. Thank you very much. I have a demo account and have been practicing. I have been closing my trades manually. I go into a trade if I feel good about gaining some pips. I rather close my trades manually. Is that okay or do I have to have a stop loss and take profit? Stop loss is a MUST. You will blow up your account finally, if you do not set any stop loss. No matter how experienced and professional you are.

You can not keep on trading without a stop loss. Another important thing is the ratio of wins to losses. Your target should be at least x2 of your stop loss, otherwise you will not be positive at the end of the month. And year after year? If you do not do that, why you claim you will be able to do that with other peoples money?

I do not want to sound like a jerk, but would be interested to see your answer of my question here above. Yes I do. I make much more than that. But I am doing that. As I said I make more than that. I personally do not need to that. However, I want to have this challenge, at least for a limited number of people and for a limited time, to show it to some skeptical people that it is possible to make money through forex market. Then I will stop it because I will keep on trading my own money.

That is just a challenge I want to have. Most of them even dream of not blowing up their accounts. But something I said above is not a dream for those who know how to trade and for those who have the tools and equipments.

It is really amazing! Hi Vahid, thanks for all your advices, We need it. I have the same problem than Darlene, I close my position manually because I always calculate wrongly my stop loss and get executed for sometimes 2 or 3 miserable pips before the reversal. I read your article on the subject and still get it wrong, I probably calculate my support and resistance the wrong way. Will try again and again until I get it right on the demo.

I had lost hope of improving my retirement but thanks to you I see light at the end of the tunnel. Take care. When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. I felt you were a genuine and trustworthy person, but this page makes me question things. That was an absolute Ponzi scheme. It is up to you if you want to do that, but I suggest you not to trade forex, because forex and feelings emotions can not get together in one place.

This article tries to stop those traders who want to double their accounts every month. Who said it is easy? Happy Feeling. I thing, One after another would bankrupt…nobody can handle such a big amount - next year it will go up to the miliards…. I have explained this already in other comments above. In fact it is impossible to reach to those numbers. This is what I have said. I just have them on the chart to show you how a consistent trader can work and make money.

However, the first and the second year can be easily achieved. I know a trader who makes around a million dollar per month, from a 5 million dollar account. I recommend it to everyone. Best regards, Julius. I live in Melbourne Australia and have a full time job at the moment, 6 months contract and am not focused on my trading.

I would like to know if your are setting up a Managed Fund or you are going to run an Automated Copy Service? Also what is your time frame for setting up your Money Management Program? We will have our money management program ready to join on later Jan or early Feb. It will be announced. Let us say I go short on a pair, and the trade goes well and shows that it is most likely to go further. I then choose to LEAVE the trade open because I can make a greater profit, rather than being comfortable with the existing profit I already have.

What do you think? Forexoma will make a difference in our lives and all together we can make a big difference in other people lives. I ask you to think about that. Thank you. Believe me that this was already one of the conditions. Anybody who joins the MM program, should sign up for an account with Kiva too and then lends a portion of his profit to Kiva entrepreneurs.

I liked the strategy and wish to apply for myself. Could you kindly update us with the status of your portfolio since the publishing of this article August 18th, I am thanking you a lot….. I liked your your plan excel sheet and I have stuck that sheet in front of my trading pc. It sounds good. So this plan will definetly will make me wealthy after 24 months… I suggest to all.. Vahid thanx a lot for you for good direction..

There are only a few out of hundreds who understand what I am trying to say in the above article, and you are one of those a few. You have found your way. Happy Trading. If I make same plan with a small money in micro account the process is the same or I need to change something?

Demo is not wasting of time, if you forget that you are trading with the demo and treat it like a real account. Goodness me, for a selfless man who is reaching out to struggling traders like myself , the beatings he is getting! Vahid, is there no end to your patience? Yes, there are Gurus who eventually cheat. I had one myself. Vahid knows a little of this story. Sometimes these gurus make us very skeptical, and in turn we become very wary.. But the buck has to stop somwhere.

Just food for thought……sorry i i have offended anyone here. This brilliant article is at the top of my LapTop, i have laminated it and stuck it for good. Is Forex Trading Stressful? Let our latest articles be delivered to your inbox automatically. Enter your email address here and click on the subscribe button. You can unsubscribe at any time and your email will not be given to any third party:. I think this page is the best place to leave your comments, ask your questions and receive answers.

I am using RSI brakout system Is it good to use it only with candlestick or it needs more indicators? Advise me please. Hi Mamoun Ali, Thanks for your kindness. So you will have stronger trade setups. Of course the number of trade setups will become less. But you will pick the best ones. Dear vahid how do you differentiate between a retracement and a reversal in a trend for example in a 4 hour or daily chart. Please your response will be highly appreciated. Hi Chi, We have an uptrend when we have higher lows.

We have a downtrend when we have lower highs. When we have an uptrend and we are waiting for the reversal, the first lower high we see can be considered as the true and strong signal of reversal. It is the same with the downtrend. When we have downtrend, the first higher low is the sign of reversal.

Before this, we may see so many reversal formed by the candlesticks, but then the trend will be continued. Keep in your mind that trend is continuous but reversal happens only once. Hope this helps. Pero a la vez me encuentro un poco perdida y quisiera pudiera responder algunas preguntas.

Hi Vahid Long time. I finally enrolled in your program. I made my first payment. I will appreciate it very much if you could write something about Price Action. I heard many people saying that they are trading trend lines, chart patterns and price action.

I knew the first two technique but i do not know what they mean about Price Action. I am trying to find out what is price action trading but still can not find any clear definition. I will have some videos and articles about price action. Briefly, price action trading works based on the price movement. In this system you do not use any special indicator.

You just wait for the price to move toward a special direction during a special period of time. Then you set the pending orders to follow the same direction for the next day. Hi Great One, I would like to be one of your disciples soon but it is quiet unfortunate that my country is not included among the countries list where one will make payment.

Please i would want you to do something about it. I would so much appreciate this if my country is among those countries on the list so that i can be part of your student and make forexoma my broker when you finally set it up. Thanks for your understanding. God will continue to enrich your pocket and keep you alive for novice like us. Thanks for your attentions and sorry for the country problem.

However, there are some other ways to join our program. For our brokerage, you will not have any problem at all. You can wire your money to our account. As a councillor, a psychologist, a professional trader, a teacher,a master, a mentor, a guru and some one who has many years of experience in trading. Q1, Would you advice anyone to leave such huge ammount with the broker for that long.? Q2 what if the broker go bankrupt? Q3 How will the person get his or her money back?

Nice questions. Q1, Would you advice anyone to leave such huge amount with the broker for that long? Answer: Your account will not reach to that level, because you will have difficulty in taking the positions bigger than to lots. For taking bigger positions you will have to have trading accounts with big banks, not brokers. There are so many big and of course unknown traders who have big accounts, over millions, with the banks. Trading with such an account has a different strategy and generally you will not be able to trade intradaily.

You have to be a swing trader and in swing trading you have to have wide stop losses. Q2, what if the broker go bankrupt? Answer: My answer to the first question also covers this question too. You can not have such an account with forex brokers. Of course, brokers do not get bankrupt. The only thing that can happen to them is that they steal the money and run away. Then they say they are bankrupt which is not true.

However, it is so many years that I have not seen a brokerage company makes such a trick. Many of them steal from the clients trades, but they do not close and run away. Q3, How will the person get his or her money back? Answer: You mean in case the broker becomes bankrupt? Well, if this is the case, the clients of some of the regulated brokers are covered to some levels of loss caused by the broker failure.

Of course yes, the simple, clear and understandable answeres you outlined above have covered every questions not just that, it has also remove doubt in me concerning broker. Moreso, the answeres above have revealed two things to me. What more can i say Great One, than to thank you. Even if i can not pay you back now, i know and believe that someday somehow somewhere, i will pay you back either by joining your programme or Broker. Great one, please i would appreciate your opinion on what i want to say.

Before i came across your site, i had the intention of opening live account with Alpari, but ever since i came across your site, i have falling in love with everything about Forexoma, i mean everything. For this reason, i have made up my mind to use your broker but it is unfortunate that forexoma is yet to become a broker.

Here are my Questions. Q1 How long will it take before you set up your broker? Q2 Should i wait till you set up your broker before i open my live account with your broker? I hope such account is not too big for forex broker. Please Great One, pardon me for disturbing you with my questions…… Your opinions will be appreciated.

Answer: We are at the last stages. Hopefully it will go live in about one or two weeks. Answer: It is up to you. If you are in a rush to start live trading, then you can open an account with another broker. Answer: No, such an account is not too big for us. We can handle the transactions.

I like your questions. I am glad to know that your brokerage company will soon come live, it will be a dream come true especially for novice like us. So, i am not in a rush to start live trading at all, even if it takes One year to launch the live account, i will patiently wait for you because you deserve it.

I will keep on demo trading and learn new and more system from you that are different from what i have learnt before. Finally, it is another thing of joy to me knowing that your brokerage can handle the transaction above, all i need is to start working hard and pray to God to help me with that capital or more cos forex is the only thing that gives me hope in life and i am inspired by you Great One.

Thanks so much for all your help and support, i have seen the latest article about Forexoma Brokerage. Once again, i say thank you, God is the only one that can reward you and he will do that abundantly. Thank you Tosin. Will be glad to have you on board as soon as possible. Hopefully our live trading will be ready very soon. My demo account has expired, i downloaded a new one but after downloading it successfully, it will bring the previous demo account.

Please , what should i do to get a new and fresh demo account. You can sign up for a new demo account on MT4. You do not have to download the MT4 again. Thanks for getting back to me, i have uninstalled forexoma MT4 completely from my PC with the hope that i will get a new and fresh demo account by doing so. The reason why i need a new demo account is because some bars have been closed mistakenly in my demo account e.

Sir, please, what can i do about this? I will be glad to get a solution from you so i can resume back my demo trading. Dear Vahid, Iam about to join your programe. You can demo trade our signals for one month and when you feel that you understand everything and you are comfortable with the signals, you can start trading with your live account.

I would like your help on this Vahid. Also, I use risk reward ratio minimum for each trade. I do not recommend having multiple positions at the same time. Hi, What is this Easy Trend visualizer? Is it good to utilize as an indicator? If so how do I source it? The market is either trending or ranging. In fact it is ranging more often than trending. Will your strategies identify profitable opportunities in both markets? It was divine guidance that brought me to your site.

I was actually looking for material on MACD on the net together with my wife and she is the one who spotted your site. Looks like you will be able to fill that gap. There is no way of checking to see if my analysis is correct. With your program I could do that and it is going to boost my confidence. Anyway is it okay for either one of us I or my wife to subscribe? We both have live accounts currently but look forward to opening accounts with you.

Please keep us posted on the launch date of your brokerage. Yes, it is enough if only one of you signs up. You can have access to the program from the same household. In my Fibonacci articles I have talked about Elliot Wave the way that you can catch the strongest movement of Elliot wave. Talking about Elliot Wave Theory in detail does not help any trader because I am sure even Elliot sometimes has a hard time to find the waves properly. May I ask, what clock time is on the graphs that you usually post?

Is it New York time? You went to sleep at like 5 and came back at 16 or so if I remember right. I want to find the best time to trade.

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Forexoma $ Forex Plan. Primary Account Size Profit Per Month (%) Months: Balance: 1st month: $1, $1, % 2nd month: $1, Click Here to learn how to use this calculator! Plan Monthly Profit: $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $1, $1, $1, I have called it Forexoma $ Forex Plan. Enter your account size in the primary account size cell. I have entered $ as an example.