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Silkie fractals forex

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Gemtracks is a marketplace for original beats and instrumental backing tracks you can use for your own songs. Limits Silkie Salute Danny Byrd Valhalla Breakage Solitary Native Alix Perez Inkolelo Goldie Wish We Didn't Coco Bryce Free Your Mind Break Starting It Over Danny Byrd Paper House Skeptical Twilight Om Unit Blej Halogenix Tidal Wavey Need For Mirrors Overthinking Kasra Intensive Snare feat.

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Glimpse 2. Contact 3. Messages 4. Ged 5. Ananda 6. Never Known Version 7. So Many Crumbs And Monkeys! Head Glue 9. Demo For Gathering Dust Cup A Soup Romance Camouflage A2. Monochrome A3. Influx B1. Signification B2. Condition Collapsing B3. Dereliction Magical. Michaelangelo 2. New Bikini 3. Hard Drive 4. Crosshairs 5. Amibiguous Norway 6. Hailey 7. The Ramble. Hey Lover feat. Roy Ayers Distant Mode feat. Gary Bartz Nancy Wilson feat. Brian Jackson Down Deep feat.

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The Horses Are Asleep 4. The Lake District 5. Dogwood Blossom 6. For A Nightingale 7. List Of Distractions 8. North Star Lover Woodberry Cemetery Vodka Sorrow Golden Light. Silent Night Good King Wenceslas Silver Bells Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Last Christmas The Banister Bough feat Feist Jingle Bells O Tannenbaum Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging O Come, All Ye Faithful We Three Kings Auld Lang Mynor.

Side 1 1. Wonder Boy 2. I Never Get Lonesome 3. Everybody Everybody 4. You Did It Yourself 5. Come To Life 6. Iowa Dream 7. Words Of Love 8. I Still Love You 9. You Are My Love Barefoot In New York Just Regular People I Felt The Dogs Outside Are Barking Sharper Eyes Follow You List Of Boys Caravan A2.

Please Be Cruel A3. Born Yesterday B1. Sleep Well Tonight B2. Grip B3. Beast Inside C1. Skidoo C2. Niagara C3. Mermaid D1. Further Away D2. Dreams Are All We Have. LP1 1. Perpetual Night 2. Crystal Ball 3. Jewel Of The Evening 4. Underwater's Where The Action Is 5. One Thousand Rainy Days 6. Tubes In The Moonlight 7. Are You Electric 9. Please Visit Soon Listen Darkly Fake Day Mean Marianne Fuji Silver Lining LP2 Old Pictures Bonus Track Immobile Bones Bonus Track Interplanetary Wisdom Bonus Track Dead John Bonus Track Baby's Fingers Bonus Track Too Beck Bonus Track Umbrella Bonus Track The Wombats - [Sound Recording] 8.

The Wombats - Valentine [Sound Recording] The Wombats - Avalanche [Sound Recording] The Wombats - Trampolining [Sound Recording] The Wombats - Guillotine [Sound Recording] Everything In Its Right Place 2. Kid A 3. The National Anthem 4. How To Disappear Completely 5. Treefingers Side B: 1.

Optimistic 2. In Limbo 3. Idioteque 4. Morning Bell 5. Pyramid Song 3. You And Whose Army? Knives Out 2. Dollars And Cents 4. Hunting Bears 5. Like Spinning Plates 6. Untitled V1 3. Fog Again Again Version 4. If You Say The Word 5. Follow Me Around Side F: 1. Untitled V2 3. Pyramid Strings 5. Fast Track 6. Untitled V3 7. Treefingers 6. Optimistic 7.

In Limbo 8. Idioteque 9. Morning Bell I Might Be Wrong 6. Knives Out 7. Dollars And Cents 9. Hunting Bears Like Spinning Plates Follow Me Around 6. Untitled V2 8. Pyramid Strings Fast Track Untitled V3 How To Disappear Into Strings. Lonely Boy 2. Dead And Gone 3. Gold On The Ceiling 4. Little Black Submarines 5. Money Maker Side B 1. Run Right Back 2. Sister 3.

Hell Of A Season 4. Stop Stop 5. Nova Baby 6. Next Girl 3. Run Right Back 4. Same Old Thing 5. Dead And Gone Side D 1. Gold On The Ceiling 2. Thickfreakness 3. Girl Is On My Mind 4. Money Maker 2. Strange Times 3. Chop And Change 4. Nova Baby 5. Ten Cent Pistol Side F 1. Tighten Up 2. Lonely Boy 3. Everlasting Light 4. Dark Horse 2. For 12 4. Tamer Animals 5.

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Lost In The Future Take 1 4. Going Up 2. Stars Are Stars 3. Pride 4. Monkeys 5. Crocodiles Side B 1. Rescue 2. Villiers Terrace 3. Pictures On My Wall 4. All That Jazz 5. Happy Death Men. Show Of Strength 2. With A Hip 3. Over The Wall 4. It Was A Pleasure 5. A Promise Side B 1. Heaven Up Here 2. The Disease 3. All My Colours 4. No Dark Things 5. Turquoise Days 6. All I Want. Disc 1: 1. Agbada Bougou 3. Coconut Jam 4. Slow Bones 6. Jabulani Rejoice, Here Comes Tony 7. Obama Shuffle Strut Blues 8.

Agbada Bougou Cool Cats Mix 3. Coconut Jam Cool Cats Mix 4. Slow Bones Cool Cats Mix 6. Gone Dead Train 2. Performance 3. Get Away 4. Powis Square 5. Rolls Royce And Acid 6. Memo From Turner 2. The Hashishin 3.

Wake Up, Niggers 4. Poor White Hound Dog 5. Natural Magic 6. Turner's Murde. Follow PiccadillyRecs. On 17th June , 50 years and one day after the original U. Over the past 50 years it has remained a touchstone record, growing in stature with each passing year. Love Record Stores Edition, limited to one per person.

Originally released in on Deltasonic, it's a collection of beautifully textured home studio recordings. Foals Antidotes - Reissue Warner Records. Limited recycled coloured To commemorate the 14th anniversary of its original release, Foals debut LP, "Antidotes" gets a long-awaited repress. This new, single-run pressing is manufactured using recycled vinyl records — a process which means that all copies will share a mottled, marbled effect, but that also means that each individual record is unique.

Deltron Deltron - Reissue Deltron Partners. The super group Deltron is composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del tha Funkee Homosapien and DJ Kid Koala and sometimes features guest artists who also take on varying futuristic pseudonyms.

Originally released in on the now-defunct 75ARK record label, this hip-hop concept album was released the same year as the Gorillaz' first 12" and is on a similar plane. Following the release of Deltron , all three members participated in the Gorillaz' self-titled debut album. With Del aka Deltron Zero on vocals, Dan the Automator aka The Cantankerous Captain Aptos on production, and Kid Koala aka Skiznoid the Boy Wonder on turntables, this album takes the listener on a paranoid journey set in a dystopian year dealing with viruses, the apocalypse, an oppressive government, and a war waged against a huge company called the Corporate Bank of Time that rules the universe, all to the well-crafted and consistent musical backing of the Automator.

Lif compliment Del's vocal style and add the right amount of flavor to this classic period piece. Repress on black galaxy Flat Worms belt-sanded everyone with their 7-inch on Volar, and Castle Face is proud as new papas to present their debut album. The band continues their ride on a buzz-saw wave of feedback-tipped riffs into the middle distance, the smog-choked sunset receding in the rearview, with a thousand-yard dead pan stare surgically pinned to a high octane set of boredom-energized punk pistons.

This is an ear-ringing missive from the end of the cul-de-sac, a mirage wavering above a mid-sized American suburb at dusk, with the constellations bleached black by the sprawl. A little Wipers, a little Wire, and a lot of late-capitalist era anxious energy - Flat Worms scratch the itch quite nicely.

Limited edition white Includes MP3 Download Code. Cabaret Voltaire were very much ahead of their time, harmonising dance music, techno, dub, house and experimental electronics, making them, without a doubt, one of the most influential acts in electronic music. Limited edition silver Limited edition turquoise Limited ultra clear Perched in the belfry of The Chapel we caught thee mighty Oh Sees, alive and in their natural element, with our shutters aflutter and our tapes on a roll.

After a short incubation period, the beast has reached full maturity and it is hideous. Castle Face is happy to announce the first double LP in the Live in San Francisco series, presented on two discs, in a handsome double gatefold jacket. Finally you depraved Oh Sees freaks have something to take home with you when you lose your shoes and your girlfriend at the show. The thrash, the throb, the mob is all present and pushed to the front. Reissue of the first Dire Straits greatest hits collection, originally released in October and featuring songs from their first five albums.

It is cut over four sides of vinyl for the first time. Imagine my surprise then when it turned out it's just a really good compilation. Andy and I were talking about just this the other week. I love Dire Straits, and this is the best 'album' that never was. Red and black vinyl in a The Sun recordings showcase a massive local horn section including Ben Cauley of the Bar-Kays, the only survivor of the plane crash that took Otis Redding along with 4 other members of the Bar-Kays.

Thankfully, Heavenly were on hand to help get the out there right out there, releasing ten albums by the band in less than five years. Now, having been out of print on vinyl for years, the first three of those albums are released as deluxe reissues to help you blow your mind on your top of the range stereo. The thorniest rose. Calm and calculated. The evaporating rainbow. The smell of tin sheds and horse shit.

Tim-tams and dahlias. Mice and magpies. A cool tune in the hot breeze. A throw-away classic. Gizzard's utopia. No vocals. No harmonies. No singers. Now, having been out of print on vinyl for years, the first three of those albums are releases as deluxe reissues to help you blow your mind on your top of the range stereo.

Red cloaked faceless figures beckon. You ascend the staircase to the castle in the air. You step to their groove. Or is it? You are getting very sleepy Deluxe reissue on clear Includes 2 bonus tracks. Previously they may have made a handful of slightly-off-target albums, but this compilation is a front-to-back joy, fast, restless and perfectly sequenced.

It plays like a cohesive album. The environment brought much excitement and possibility, but the distance had proved too much for the car he brought along. With it out of commission indefinitely, he purchased a bus pass and planned his daily commute from his Echo Park apartment to his downtown studio, where he began to shape Bigger Than Life.

The route wound all through the city, from the small local shops of Echo Park to the rising glass of the business district, to the desperation of Skid Row. The hurried energy of the environment provided a backdrop for the daily trip. That was the headspace he was in when he began to map out the syncopated drums and staccato arpeggiation of Bigger Than Life, an ode to his new condition and a shimmering synth-pop response to its cacophony.

Seeing myself as a part of a lineage of people trying to do a little something instead of trying to create a platform for myself individually. This time around, he wrote everything on his MPC and sequenced it live to his synths — only using the computer to record, not to create.

It comes on 2 x g milky clear vinyl, with new 2 x 12" square posters. Duval Timothy is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice is centred around colour and involves the use of music, photography, textiles, painting, sculpture, design, cooking and video. In between delivering a celebrated cookbook for Penguin Books, and an interactive installation at Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Duval makes music, which is sampled by the likes of Solange and Loyle Carner and collaborates frequently with cktrl, Vegyn, Kwes, and Mr Mitch.

Matt Says: A decidedly multicoloured, highly personal and adventurous LP from that, I'm embarrassed to say I slept upon first time round. Luckily for me and you Timothy has reissued this electronic-jazz-soul epic on his own label Carrying Colour. Very limited coloured Portico Quartet have defied categorisation over the course of six studio albums. The third, self-titled, album from Portico Quartet was originally released on 30 January and saw the band embracing new sonic territories.

Also included in the vinyl formats is a hi-res download code for the full album and additional contemporaneous EP tracks, currently unavailable elsewhere. Clear vinyl — for This 15th anniversary edition will be released 25th February We get Middleton's unmistakeable vocals atop a beautifully constructed bed of folky guitars and wry observational humour. Still sounding as fresh as it did fifteen years ago, and looking even better! Akae Beka's inimitable style, developed over decades performing with St.

Croix based band Midnite. At the point of his untimely passing in , he had released over 70LP's. His prolific output coupled with his uniquely rich, deep, multilayered songwriting and uncompromising devotion to RasTafari has earned him a place amongst the reggae legends. The production trinity, Zion I Kings have been involved collectively and individually in co-creating some of the most highly regarded contributions to the vast Akae Beka catalogue.

It garnered critical acclaim and held position in the billboard charts top 10 for 2 weeks. Croix's Aqua Sounds Studio. The album's sound continues a trajectory of textural, guitar-driven roots reggae that Zion I Kings and Padraic Coursey first explored on the track "Weather the Storm" on 's Beauty for Ashes.

Kylie Minogue Fever - Reissue Rhino. The album was later released in the United States on 26 February and was Kylie's first album release in the region since her second studio album Enjoy Yourself Four singles were released from the album. Its lead single "Can't Get You Out of My Head" was released in September and became a massive commercial success, peaking atop the charts of 40 countries and selling more than five million copies worldwide.

The song, which is often recognised as Kylie's signature song, is her highest selling single as of today and one of the best-selling singles of all time. Siren a captivating offering from Roxy Music draws you in ever closer on each listen. David Sylvian Sleepwalkers - Reissue Gronland. During that the same period, Sylvian created an alternate body of work: a series of collaborations and side projects with leading talents of pop and improv, electronic and contemporary classical music.

The fruits of one-off meetings and lifelong partnerships, they jump from bliss to intrigue, romance to sensuality, as arch experiments lead into the lushest pop. Sylvian has worked with Sakamoto for close to three decades. Neglected offspring. Represented also is long term friend and writing partner, Ryuichi Sakamoto, as well as more recent but potentially equally productive partnerships such as Christian Fennesz, ArveHenriksen and contemporary classical composer Dai Fujikura.

Orange and black galaxy Recalling the ferocity of their earliest work with the unique harmonizing qualities that've helped define a thriving generation in the So Cal Punk scene, the reunited core team of Gurewitz, Grafn and Bentley have upped the anti again in sound, volume and density.

The Process Of Belief rivals and surpasses anything they've accomplished to date, emotionally, technically, and tactfully. Each of the fourteen tracks follow their own paths, embodying thoughts of discontentment and discouragement, questioning authority and humanity along the way and react with resolve, filtered with virtue, and far surpass previously trained ideas of Punk music constraint.

Indies exclusive red Estimated Ship Date is April. In addition to featuring a remastered version of the original album a second LP of bonus tracks will be included making this the definitive vinyl version of Scotland's definitive punk album. This record may have been recorded over 40 years ago but the songs resonate as much, if not more, today.

Manchester rock band Oceansize built a career and reputation of constructing sonic soundscapes from out of nowhere into the most monolithic, dynamic behemoths heard in aeons. The band formed in and released four albums before calling it a day in Oceansize challenged themselves and thus by the same token ensured the listener doesn't become comfortable while listening.

And let's face it, - comfortable is, after all, boring. The double album will be pressed on splattered yellow vinyl. Beggars Arkive. The LP is pressed on splattered orange vinyl and contains six tracks. Repress of the peerless and fearless debut by Detroit's Slum Village.

Produced by J Dilla and released in , it saw T3 and Baatin's expertly formed street raps meet Yancey's still-unmatched-today production techniques. Credited by many, including? An instant hit among Detroit's underground hip-hop scene, the album seemed to combine all the best elements of the reigning alternative and gangsta styles of hip-hop into one cohesive style.

Reissued on vinyl, for the first time in several years by Ne'astra Music Group, it's one of those every-home-should-have-one albums which clearly demonstrates the evolution of the genre and is rightly regarded as a classic debut.

Cat Number N Release date 27 May ' Pioneers in their own musical approaches, Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto, began their exploration of sound in the evocatively titled V. S series in With its impressionistic atmosphere, in this collaborative project two generations met and shared the idea of electronic music as an inspiration source for new musical structures.

Les Disques du Crepuscule presents a new gm vinyl edition of Fidelity, the studio album by cult Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column. Limited to just copies, this special double disc edition is pressed on heavyweight gm vinyl and features cover artwork by Crepuscule design director Benoit Hennebert, based on a portrait by Vini Reilly of filmmaker Carol Morley.

Originally released by Crepuscule on CD only in April , Fidelity featured 10 tracks written and performed by Vini Reilly, with occasional guest vocals by Eley Rudge. This vinyl re-master features two bonus tracks: My Only Love was originally released in on a covermount CD with a specialist guitar magazine, while experimental piece The New Fidelity was issued on a Portuguese compilation album from called Hare, Hunter, Field. The reissue comes Cat Number FCV12B Release date 27 May '22 Format Info The reissue comes with new artwork in a gatefold jacket with a booklet glued inside that features pages of photos from behind the scenes of the tour, as well as an interview with the Reid brothers and Alan McGee.

The Barrowland performance — an equal-parts deafening and blinding assault on the senses — was cut to vinyl by engineer Noel Summerville and originally released in Second volume to complete the anthology of Wicked Lady recordings, their final tracks recorded in , just before the band split up and guitarist Martin Weaver left for Dark of "Round the Edges" fame. Another batch of excessive, over-the-top doomy psychedelic hard-rock including underground classics like "I'm a Freak" and the 21 minute epic "Ship of Ghosts".

Double vinyl offering maximum sound quality, gatefold cover with liner notes by doomy psychedelic guitar God Martin Weaver in person, telling the real story behind Wicked Lady. Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine is a collection of songs by Cosmic Rough Riders featuring tracks from their first two self-financed albums as well as three new tracks. The album was put together by Alan McGee's label as a starting point for mainstream listeners.

Most of the tracks on the album were recorded in a community funded recording studio in Castlemilk housing scheme and released on two self-financed albums; Deliverance and Panorama On hearing Panorama, Alan McGee signed the band to a one-album deal. The album would take the best of the first two albums as well as some new tracks.

Conrad Schnitzler Con 84 Bureau B. Composer and conceptual artist Conrad Schnitzler was one of the most influential figures of the electronic avant-garde in Germany. In addition to many other musical stations, bustling Schnitzler was a member of the Kraut-Electronic formations Tangerine Dream and Kluster.

Numerous solo releases complete his extensive oeuvre. One of them is »CON 84«, probably his most composed work, on which he challenges the traditions of so-called Ernste Musik. The result is a complex electronic sound structure that marks a break with Schnitzler's previous work in a subversive flirtation with traditionalism. An enticing zoomorphism at first glance, yet not quite so convincing on closer inspection.

Firstly, a chameleon uses its ability to change colour as camouflage. Schnitzler never needed, nor had any desire, to camouflage himself. Secondly, curious as he was particularly with regard to how his own work developed and the results it would bring , he never, to my knowledge, demonstrated the urge to study his artistic activities through the inquiring prism of science or methodology. CON 84 is a perfect example thereof.

CON 84 is evidently the product of a computer-supported sound generator — a sampler. The original LP came complete with sheet music inserts, so a music printer must also have been part of the package. It is hard to say which instruments Schnitzler had at his disposal in the early s. And more to the point, where did he record these pieces? It appears as if he wanted to show the listener that he can still compose in the classical sense, creating a series of miniatures which are not so far away from the infinite glittering patterns of the existing Schnitzler cosmos.

CON 84 lines up polyphonic compositions from start to finish. John Cage, Fluxus, randomness — nowhere to be seen. Schnitzler the traditionalist? A highbrow composer? On the contrary. Just as he so marvellously subverted common conceptions of art, Schnitzler crafted CON 84 to sound like Ernste Musik - serious classical music. Following Schnitzler has always meant being ready to expect the unexpected. When he could, and had the financial means to do so, Schnitzler liked to use the latest technology.

CON 84 was technologically advanced for its time, yet the music was paradoxically conventional. I imagine that Schnitzler took great delight in such contradiction. With shiny new digital technology at his fingertips, he chose to compose music in traditional form.

Did »conventional listeners« enjoy the results on CON 84 as much their author? I doubt whether his parodies and twists on traditional composition resonated with them. Alas, there is no record of any Schnitzler reflections on this singular music, I would dearly have liked to have heard his thoughts.

When the album appeared in , it enriched an already diverse experimental music scene. The willingness to engage with the genre was growing - regardless of how many listeners there actually were. I clearly remember finding CON 84 in a record shop which specialized in new wave and industrial sounds.

How did that happen? Simple: boundaries were now blurred. In addition to numerous solo releases Schnitzler was also involved in various band formations not least Tangerine Dream and Kluster. Representing another of his musical landmarks are the 'Consequenz' releases. Schnitzler had studied sculpture under Joseph Beuys and the statement echoed his teacher's philosophy: "Everyone is an artist. Anyone could get involved. You didn't even need to be able to play an instrument.

The flyer also announced: "Members of the audience who bring transistor radios will get reduced admission if they play music on their radios inside the venue. We included instructions inside the sleeve for setting up just such a project with the minimum of technical fuss, inviting submissions which used the record as a playback tool.

One cassette arrived all the way from New York, but that was about it. Not really enough to satisfy our ambition of liberating artistic endeavour from the ivory tower perhaps not so much of a surprise, considering we only pressed a hundred discs.

We had almost resigned ourselves to life in the ivory tower when a letter from a Spanish label Esplendor Geometrico reached us, asking for a sequel - Consequenz II. It didn't take long for us to decide to accept the offer, encouraged by the fact that we would not have to finance the release out of our own pockets - as had been the case with the first Consquenz. Certain "secret devices" had materialized in our ivory tower in the meantime.

Conrad Schnitzler had purchased an 8-track recorder with money he had earned from "proper" art. The little songs we made sounded much more "professional" than the cheerfully low budget music of the first Consequenz. I'd taken days off work for the sessions and after a week we had enough material to fill one side of an LP.

The last track was further evidence of Conrad Schnitzler's sense of humour, as previously revealed on our "pop"album CON 3 and the "Auf dem schwarzen Kanal" single All we needed now was music for the B-side, but our enthusiasm for the borrowed drum computer had waned somewhat.

It was always the first track we recorded, which meant that everything else had to follow its lead. The beat itself was singularly unimpressed by what came next. This was an unsatisfactory state of affairs for two players musicians? Unsatisfactory, in spite of the fact that I was able to play to the beat with perfect timing, which led Conrad Schnitzler to give me the nickname "Sequenza" hence the Consequenz title. The natural division of an LP into an A-side and a B-side lends itself to a caesura when the disc is flipped.

So we decided to return to free-floating sounds on the B-side and, listening back now, I'm glad we did. Instead of competing with each other, the two sides dovetail perfectly. Now re-released as a g 3LP special edition and a 2CD special edition, with an additional tracks compiled by The Clash. The dazzling quartet treatment of the Richard Rodgers hit song, features Coltrane on soprano saxophone for the first time on record, exercised a hypnotic effect on all sorts of music lovers and trend-spotters.

The title track was a hit single, and the album became a major commercial success. In , the album received the Grammy Hall of Fame award. It attained gold record status in , having sold , copies. The mono version of this album, believed lost, was recently found, and is included in this deluxe package, as well as the stereo version, both mastered from the original tapes.

The packaging includes liner notes by award-winning writer Ben Ratliff, as well as photos and Atlantic Records ephemera. Vacant Gardens Obscene Tough Love. Clear vinyl, limited to Vacant Gardens is Glenn Donaldson of The Reds, Pinks and Purples and a hundred others and Jem Fanvu, collaborating on music and with the latter responsible for vocals and lyrics. The project began with the idea of combining heavy fuzz and slow-mo drum machine beats with Fanvu's gentle almost trad-folk style vocals.

Almost all of Donaldson's otherworldly sounds are achieved through layers of guitar fuzz and copious delay, while Fanvu offers an ideal counterpoint, taking the listener on a celestial melancholy trip with her opaque poetry and melodies. So inspired were the duo by this blend of styles, they immediately recorded at least two albums of material, Under the Bloom and Obscene, released in quick succession in and in swiftly-disappearing micro editions on the secretive Tall Texan label.

With those records close-to-impossible to find at an affordable price, Tough Love are now reissuing both LPs on May 20th, alongside a 7" containing two previously unheard songs recorded at the same time as the albums. The albums are pressed in editions of , and the 7" , and all on transparent vinyl. Godflesh Streetcleaner - Reissue Earache Records. You can still feel the album's broad influence everywhere from the dense atmospheres of post-metal to the abrasive beats of modern industrial and techno outfits, but despite its many imitators, there's still nothing else that quite captures the feelings of paranoia, anxiety and urban decay that 'Streetcleaner' so deftly articulates.

Cat Number Release date 20 May '22 Format Info g heavyweight vinyl, gatefold sleeve. World Circuit Records has made its reputation by producing some of the finest albums of the past three decades. Repress of copies on Deluxe replica gatefold sleeve with lyric inner sleeve and restored artwork. New pressing on white Following the recently released and highly praised Trees 50th Anniversary box set on Earth Recordings, Trees reissue their second album as a standalone release.

The product of an era characterised by clunky polemic, arcadian sentimentality or English fuzzy-felt surrealism, the album, like all classic records, is so much greater than the sum of its parts. The album has been Half-Speed Remastered and cut to lacquers at 33RPM, across 2x heavyweight black vinyl LPs, to deliver maximum dynamic range in the sound. The album is true to the original LP design with a wide-spine jacket and printed inner sleeves, but now utilises colour photographs from The Last Temptation of Christ film.

All images are newly re-scanned. The album comes with a download card with a choice of digital download Hi-Res 24bit or 16bit. Passion tends to be regarded as a work in its own right rather than just being a movie soundtrack.

The album is true to the original LP design, but all images are newly re-scanned. Billie Holiday's first recordings for Norman Granz' Clef Records present the vocalist at the top of her craft. Originally titled 'Billie Holiday Sings', this session placed Holiday in front of small piano and tenor saxophone-led groups that including jazz luminaries such as Oscar Peterson and Charlie Shavers.

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